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Moving to Linclon Nebraska

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

Hi Everyone!
I'm moving to Lincoln Nebraska from North Texas and need help knowing what I can plant! The winters are freaking me out alittle!!!! We've purchased a beautiful place with 3 acres to garden! The previous owners have trails throughout the 3 acres with wildflowers. I'm really excited to start over but sad to leave my gardens here in Texas. How do roses do in Nebraska? Can you recommend a good nursery? Would appreciate any help...

Southeast, NE(Zone 5a)

Wow, robbilyn, that's great! We could use a few more DG members around here! You won't have any trouble with roses. As for good nurseries, there are some. My favorite for buying stuff is probably B & B Nursery. There are others where I love to go look (Finke), but couldn't afford anything. Let us know when you're moving!

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the info McGlory! I'm really looking forward to getting some things planted! How about the winters? Do you have to protect most plants? We don't get much snow here in Texas! I hear your Falls are beautiful....

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Hello robbilyn!

Lincoln area native, but am writing this to you from your neck of the woods (Plano) while on vacation. The winters can get cold (temperatures dip or hold below zero for a time), but a lot of the time the temperatures vary around freezing to just below, and can swing from cold to a heat wave and back in no time flat. Snow cover tends to be periodical, with long stretches of no snow on the ground. Protecting the plants will help protect from the damage those temperature swings can cause, and will help keep the plants from starting growth too early in the season and then getting damage from a late cold snap.

I've grown roses at home for years now, have pruned back and covered them some years, and other years (such as last year) all the protection they had were the leaves that got caught in the canes. So I can say from experience that while they all survived both ways, the protected roses had much more living tissue left by spring.

I agree with McGlory about B and B Greenhouse for annuals and perennials. For roses, either Finke or Campbell's if you want to pick out your plants, there are also Earl May nurseries in the city (and you can always order online or from catalogs).


Council Bluffs, IA(Zone 4b)

Hello! I have lived in Lincoln for the past 3 years and love it! You will be surprised at the things you can grow here - it gets nice and humid! I protect my roses in the winter but that is about it (and dig up my glads). You will have so much fun planting 3 acres!!!

Hindsville, AR(Zone 6b)

Having been raised in NW Arkansas, moved to Columbus, NE for 4 years, and now back to NE Oklahoma...I can say with confidence, you're going to be in gardening shock. A few plants will grow so much better than they ever did in Texas (example Clematis, Aquilegia, Paeonia), but many of your current staples haven't a chance (hymenocallis, crinum, aucuba).
Recommendation, look at other people's yards in the area..if you see something you really like, stop and ask about it (if you don't recognize it) most of the Nebraska folk were just wonderful people.

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

Gardening shock!! I hope not! OK Nebraska gardeners encourage me here..... Tell me about all the GREAT things I will be able to grow so I don't cry over leaving my gardens here!!!
Great recommendation about looking at other people's yards in my area... and your right the people I've met on our trips to Nebraska have been some of the nicest.

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Guess I'm a bit late coming for the party!

robbilyn ~ when are you moving? What part of town (neighborhood? street?) will you be living? Not trying to stalk you or your garden ~ lol ~ just curious where your 3 acres of land might be. I'm assuming it's will be on the outskirts of town.

What do you think you will miss the most about your garden? On the upside, just think of all the bulbs you can enjoy with no effort ~ crocus, daffodils, tulips, lilies.....

Perhaps hymenocallis and crinum won't work here, but there are relatives suited to cooler climates, such as Lycoris. :)

Thumbnail by Moby
Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

Moby mine are blooming now to....

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

Hi Moby!
Sorry its taken me so long to respond (we've been unpacking a million boxes!) Our three acres are off Hwy 77 and Denton (if that makes sense) I'm still getting used to the area. I've never planted any bulbs before! The people who lived her before us have MANY lilies. I guess what I will miss the most are my roses. I had many antique roses that were just beautiful! I tried are local nurseries for some roses but was pretty discouraged to find only knock outs.... I guess I'll have to order some from the Antique Emporium in Brennam Texas unless you can suggest some place around Lincoln.

Thanks for the picture! These lilies just started blooming in our yard a few days ago! By the way...does it always rain this much in August?

Does anyone know much about planting wildflowers? Our place has trails throughout with wildflowers. The previous owners would change up the paths with the mower but I'm not sure how often. When do you plant wildflower seeds? Oh, so much to learn!

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Rain? No, we're usually desperate for it (and still are) but sure have been dumped on this week. Hope we have a couple days to dry out before we get any more.

I figured you were probably busy ~ so glad to hear from you! You're not so far away and I live right in the middle of town. What fun! Guess it's time to change your DG address, huh? :)

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Southeast, NE(Zone 5a)

Welcome to Nebraska, robbilyn! You're closer to Lincoln than I am, but I still come in to work every day on Hwy 77.

You need to plan on the Iowa Roundup in May. There is a gentleman there who is a rose guru. I got a shrub rose from him, but I don't know what it is. Ordering is always a good thing if you want something other than run-of-the-mill.

I'm ordering tulips, daffodils, and anemones which I'll plant near the end of September. Still a little too hot for it.

Watch out for that Moby! She can get a person in trouble. ;-)

Council Bluffs, IA(Zone 4b)

Robbilyn - both McGlory and I live outside of Lincoln (south on Hwy 77) but work in Lincoln. Actually, we live right across from eachother! You live in a beautiful area - there are plans to have some new commercial developments near Hwy 77 and W Denton Rd.

I am a HUGE fan of roses but I am a beginner - there are lots of roses that are hardy here, here is a link you might like!

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Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

I heard they are putting in a Super Target or Wal-mart :( I just purchased a Ceceil Brunner from Earl May Nursery yesterday and all their roses are 25% off. I had a few of these roses in Texas and they are one of my favorites. Are there any nurserys around town that have seasoned gardeners? So far I've just been helped by young people (that were VERY sweet) but not very helpful. I'm afraid I was spoiled in Texas, I learned SO much from the nursery I bought from. Does anyone belong to a garden club here in Lincoln?

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

I haven't checked lately but Campbells (on 40th St. ) usually has a large selection of roses. Both locations have a couple of very knowledgeable people. Though I don't go there often, Finke Gardens is very good and has some more unusual plants. The most helpful person I've ever run into is Marjean at Earl May at 48th & Hwy 2. She's a real gardener.

I don't belong to any but here is a list of garden clubs

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the info Moby!

Maysville, MO(Zone 5a)

Welcome to Nebraska from a Missourian whose blood runs Nebraska Red. You will love the area, the seasons and most of all the friendliest people in the world. McGlory and Hydrangea80......I use to be your neighbor. We lived in Clatonia when I run the cut floor and shipping at Farmland, 1980 to 1985. As a matter of fact, I was on the Clatonia Fire and Rescue when the bar burned there in Hallam back in the early 80's. I can still remember crawling around with an air pack trying to figure where the heart of the fire was. And Moby......she's a real nice knowledgable person who is a joy to talk to. And as McGlory stated, it you can make it to the Iowa Roundup in Des Moines in May, you will meet so many nice people, and come home with many plants. Again, welcome, and hope to see you in May. Jay

Council Bluffs, IA(Zone 4b)

Go Huskers! :) What a small world it is!

Warsaw, MO

As a former nebraskan (near Gretna, now living in Missouri) you will find a vast difference in the climate. I think you are in zone 5 so you will need winter hardy plants. Where I lived was a colder spot nearly a zone 4. It was also like a wind tunnel so what survived for others did not for me. Check the hardiness zone for plants & do not plant anything that is not hardy zone 5 or below. There is a nice nursery on the east side of Lincoln but sorry.........can't recall the name of it. Good luck!

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Sorry to be so late in seeing your post and welcome to NE! I live in Lincoln and have only gardened in NE. I grow a couple of the David Austin English Roses and know they do well here with very little disease problems. Staples for my garden are daylilies, Iris, mums, coneflowers, heleniums and lilies. Hostas and heurchera also do well here if you have some shade. NE really is fairly easy to garden in as long as you select the right plants. Guess that's true no matter where you live. Annuals that do well for me are Vinca, zinnias, verbenas, lantanas, coleus, cleome and cosmos. Here is a photo I took this AM. Most of the color now is from mums and annuals.


Thumbnail by lincolnitess
Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Wow.... gorgeous as always, Susan!

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