GRITDIG-part 3

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Well, time has flown with growing our dahlia tree,
So thought that we could use another thread for the dial-up people.
Come on over from:
And watch our trees grow more this season.

Geez, boy, am I dumb. I forgot to add the link properly. Sorry, hope this works.
Ok, it does work.
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Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Ok, Janet, so far you are the winner of 72"!
Geez, you guys and your tea poop.
I am just doing it the old fashion way, I guess.
But am so glad everyone's is doing well tho.
I bet Joann is busy with harvesting her marionberries and that is why she isn't here right now tho.
Later, Carol

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Forgot about the Part 3 Carol. Thanks for starting it. From now on I'll post any breaking news and progress here. :)

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

Hellooooo out here amongst the marionberries. Yesterday we helped harvest the first pick our daughter and son in law's field, they have 10 acres out behind our fields. Keep in mind we will pick the same field about 6 times. The pickers(mechanical) can be adjusted to pick only the ripe fruit and it doesn't ripen all at once. We picked 22,000 pounds yesterday with two pickers and crews. Our crew(L and I and two young neighbors on one machine) started at 4am and the other crew started at 2 am and we were finally finished by 9:30am. We can't pick after 70 degrees efficiently so we always pick in the cool of the early morning. Otherwise they just don't come off the vines/bushes.

Anyway I did a quick check of my tree and it looked to be about 82 inches, I need a ladder almost to do it the most accurately. I will try to get that done today and I just can't always get a picture and get it into the computer to upload here.

My sister from California is here too so I am not getting a lot of extra time.

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Hi, Joann, good to see you are alive, LOL
Am glad to hear you are at picking those marionberries. Hope you get a good crop this year compared to last year.
Wow, 82"? How cool is that? Good job!!!

I ended up giving mine some more water yesterday. It was kind of drooping at the bottom leaves. But it is growing very fast now with those new center shoots.


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Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

Carol, dropping those bottom leaves is very normal for the d imperialis.

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

I wrote the word, drooping, wrong. I wrote dropping.
I meant drooping.
But it makes sense tho. It is more or less like a regular tree maybe?

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Well, I measured my nice tree tonight. It is at 55" now. Is very healthy looking, nice dark green leaves, and have some great new shoots coming along. Both the main leader and some side branches/shoots too.

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

I have a witness that mine is approaching 82 inches- not quite there yet. I just got to meet Pitimpanai- new name Road Warrior! She on her final leg of nearly a month of travel ending in our fair state of WA. She is just as lovely in person as an online trading partner and flower fiend, as is her family.

Nai is dwarfed by the towering D. Imperialis, but her knowledge of plants towers way above mine!

And the uppermost leaf- the tape tabs are at 2 inch intervals
so I'm thinking D Imp is approaching 82" not quite there.

Here we are together by the dahlia patch. She had the dahlia guardian Roxy under her spell the entire visit. That is always a sign of good people!

Thumbnail by Poochella
Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Pooch, congratulations on your not quite there yet 82"! Yep. I can see that it is towering over your friend.

We are having warmish weather still, a little rain last night thankfully, but none forecast over 10 days except light showers on the 10th day , how do they do that? I dug some new potatoes, only some have filled, the smaller ones are not filling. The soil is snuff dry. I can't water the flower beds AND potatoes! My priorities are right!

I haven't measured mine lately, it's getting too tall to reach! I hope this warm/hot weather doesn't make it suffer.

Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Well I just had to go measure, and just had to take a pic!

My D.i. is stood at a towering 76"!

It is starting to put on some weight, the third stem is getting strong and leaning out to the front for space. You can see the top of it just below the top of the gas bottle.

Thumbnail by wallaby1
Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Close up

Thumbnail by wallaby1
Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Thought I would write an update on my gorgeous dahlia tree.
It is up over 6' now!!!
As you can see, it is way above the white posts now!
So it is growing like a weed now.

So how is everybody's else doing??????????

Thumbnail by daisyruffles
Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Another shot of the tree.
Not the best one since it was late in the day.
But my tree is very healthy and happy so far. Main 2 stalks are so huge and stiff!

Thumbnail by daisyruffles
Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Gee Carol, you will be catching me up! With all this extreme heat we are having I am keeping mine well watered, the centre growth is pushing up once more!

I haven't measured since the last one, I don't think I can reach that high! I was tempted last night, but didn't get around to it, besides the step-ladder was locked in the garage.....

I did take a pic two days ago on the 18th, I will measure later.

See that 2nd from the top longest leaf on the left? I have to duck under that as I go around the path!

Thumbnail by wallaby1
Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Wow, yours sure is growing tall! Looking good tho!
You also have 2 nice straight stalks. I am worried about one of mine. It is leaning and will have to be stalked/tied up soon, I fear. Don't want it to get too tall and then break after all this!

Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Ye Carol! The third stem is the one you can see closest, it's top is peeking out the side about 4' up. That will provide more cutting material! The other taller one is part hidden at the bottom but you can see it further up.

The biggest cutting grown one is about 4' stood in its pot, the other big one looks to have rooted after me chopping it! The top has picked up but it set it back seriously.

This was taken a few days ago of the cutting biggie, it's about 6" above the bottom of the window now. Actually it was taken on the12th, how time flies!

Thumbnail by wallaby1
Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Great growing there girls! Lenjo is having trouble measuring her monster and I don't blame her. That ladder is getting precarious now that I have a neighboring butterfly bush impeding my free wheeling phototaking.

I apologize I haven't taken time to tape up a new measuring device YET. Eyeballing things I'd say my D Imp's tallest leaf is at about 81 inches? The top of the uppermost tape is 84 iches I think. The lead growth tip is a bit below the tallest leaf.
Viewing the tapes: 72 inches is labelled right above the silver thing. Each tape top is then 2 inches more, so you all count for yourselves please.

Shoot number 3 is still a little weeny! It broke out of the dirt and just sits there. I don't know why or what it means, but the other two stalks are making great strides. i havne't bothered to cutt of the original stalk Dr. Don sent. And by the way we want to hear from Dr. Don and Dahlia the wonderdog! How did the Roundup go?

Amen, janet: in our hot weather especially mine being in a whiskey barrel, means I have to water regularly. I'll be up at the crack of dawn finishing off a few dahlia rows tomorrow.

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Coast range of, OR(Zone 8b)

Poochella - are you still planting?

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

oh no Got 2 be, I was referring to watering, watering, and more watering. And after a week of sun, I'm realizing I'm way behind in tying- the darn things are just growing by leaps and bounds~

Back to the D imperialis: I think I've hit the 'lazy teenager' stage Janet referred to- I'm stuck in the low 80 inch range- since Nai was here 7/11 to present. There is just the littlest bit of branch growth in the crotch of each leaf set. Still looks healthy though.

Your cuttings are doing great Janet! 4 ft tall!

Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Poochella, are you including the pot there? I measured mine last night and in 8 days I am stuck at 76" still! The leaf that was there before has dropped, but the middle one has reached it and is moving, the whole plant has strengthened up and does appear to be bigger but apparently not! But it is bigger really, the leaves are bigger and the centre stem has advanced. The stems are quite hard now, so carol I don't think yours should fall over.

This is not good, we need some cool weather and hopefully will get the thunder storm promised tomorrow.

I just measured the cutting plants, it is 51" with the pot, that is just over 8" tall.

yesterday's shot, this will soon overtake the parent!

Thumbnail by wallaby1
Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

Well, you guys must be stuck at the "lazy teenager" stage then.
Mine is growing each day! I can't believe how tall it is getting.
I did give it some granular fertilizer a bit back so maybe that helped?
As for falling over, Janet, it probably won't but this fall, with the winds and rains???? Who knows. Even Don has had problems down in CA with stalks breaking from storms.

Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Gosh carol, these teenager years do drag on don't they!

drdon, let us hear how yours are doing!

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

No Janet, that's ~82 inches from where the stem comes out of the soil which is how I've measured all along. Mine is protected from winds by being next to the house, but a good gust on wet leaves might do some damage. I'll still tether it when I get around to it..... meanwhile more watering to do.

Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Pooch it must be that goat tea! It certainly has put on a sprint, but then mine has slowed! I need goat poop tea!

Come on drdon, tell us how you love the tortoise and the hare story!

Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Are you having me on Pooch? I looked back at the previous thread, and your first marker was at 60", your dahlia was around 58.5". That 60" looooks to me to have grown to 6', you made the mistake before!

And Carol, yours was 50" at about 10" below the top of your post. Is your post 5' (60")and not 6'??????????????????

Come on ladies, put up your tape measures!

I have measured mine tonight, it is growing quickly now after the thunderstorm we had yesterday. We had close on half an inch of torrential rain, about time! The temperatures are still high, mostly around 28C, the next few days to be at least that.

The 3rd stem you can see leaning out at the side is my forehead height so must be around 5 feet.

The tallest leaf on the stem next to it is 82"!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Thumbnail by wallaby1
Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Just want to point out that the green bamboo cane you can see is 6' tall and in the ground a few inches, so is probably 5'6". You can see the height of the stems compared to that.

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

I love those English sayings, or Aussie ones. No, I'm not having you on.

Below: My unwilling assistant who thinks we're all stark raving mad to be in this contest, trying to show the top leaf still stuck at about 82 inches.

Side view from the porch: just under 7 ft. The top of the rebar ending the new white tape measure is 8 ft from the soil/compost of the whiskey barrel where the stalks emerge. How picturesque to have it streaming into the bathroom window LOL! The step ladder is 6 ft tall,precariously balanced on uneven rocks and of course the whiskey barrel is next to it so the plant looks taller than in reality.

The bottom of the silver tape measure rests atop at least an inch of compost over the soil. I think that makes up for the slight angle bending in around the whiskey barrel sides.

And now back to watering.....

Thumbnail by Poochella
Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Hey have you finished watering yet? Oh you are doing so well Pooch! Do you feed it goat tea on a daily basis?? Yours will be hitting the roof soon!

That looks a bit precarious, is it your daughter? How it has grown to a monstrous size, it dwarfs her!

I think mine has been suffering a lot from the heat, but it has also been growing stem #3 to catch up with the others. Perhaps I should have taken it off, but I couldn't do it!

It's promising more rain later in the week with the heat, so mine may start zooming off again!

Hey you have to be mad, 'stark raving mad' is one we use too, but I wonder about it's origins????

Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

I will try to get a measuring something to show you my height. It is hard when I don't have anyone here to do it. My son is never here when I want to do it, lol
I just found an empty snail shell last nite nearby. Well, then today, I just saw a bunch of holes in the leaves. I was pissed! It was looking so so nice and clean with very healthy looking leaves.
Oh, well, put out some Sluggo and other bait. Hopefully that will get it.
I have watered it every day with this heat so it is doing just fine.

Annie, yours is looking so good and high. Love the expression on your daughter, if that who it is. Kids never what to do silly things.
Hey, this keeps us folks out of the looney bin and out of trouble, LOL LOL

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

My bottom leaves are drooping and falling off- a couple sets so far. I think Lenjo said this was usual, so I won't worry just yet.

I think our nice weather has brought my top leaf tip to 84 inches. Photos were really hard to take singlehandedly, but the big red level came back into play.

The flagpole ( love the utensils that are used in this contest LOL) isn't level, but was much easier for me to hold. The level was heavy and is slightly below both the leaf tip and the 84 inch mark.

Thumbnail by Poochella
Albany, OR(Zone 8a)

LOL, Annie, love the way you measure!

Mine is at 62" now. Since mine isn't against anything, it is hard to measure. But it is very happy and seems to be growing at a good rate so far. I just clipped off some of the bottom leaves that had turned brown.

Willamette Valley, OR(Zone 8a)

Annie, so nice to see a pic of you! Now I can fix that mental image of you I had in my head. LOL

DrDon, I love the pic of you and "your favorite person in the whole world"! What an inspiration! Sorry I didn't reply before now, (lost track of the thread and then DH and I spent a few weeks in Europe) but I would love to have a DI if you could send me one. Did I read that you will be going to Aachen? When we were in Europe we visited the cutest little town called Monschau.....not far from Aachen, I believe. I would love to go back there and spend a few days looking around. How did the RU go? I would love to be able to go to next year's RU.....will have to put it on the ever growing list of places to go next year. LOL

Janet, I would like to request a pic of you now! Now that I have seen Annie, I know what everyone in this race looks like except for you. (I know that wasn't a requirement of the race though! LOL)

Carol, should I come over sometime and help you take a pic of your DI? Just let me know!

Good growing, everyone!!

Here is a pic of DG member John_Benoot and me. My DH and I stayed with him while we were in Europe.

Thumbnail by mgh
Willamette Valley, OR(Zone 8a)

Here is my Maggie waving her cast to say hi to Dahlia doggie. She has a word of warning for her fellow canines out there......

When there is a thunder storm and your people are away on vacation, stay calm...don't panic.....and definitely DO NOT try to climb the kennel wall!!! Paws can easily get stuck in the chain-link fence and legs can easily get broken. :o(

She's no longer a cone-head though (now she's just a tri-pod!)......but the cast might be able to come off in 2 weeks!! Yea!!!

Thumbnail by mgh
Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

Poor Maggie! Her cast color choice does accent her lovely fur and soft brown eyes though LOL.

Nice to see you too Mendy! How cool to be able to stay with another DG'er. I just got the haircut from Hades and wish I could have Maggie's cone to put on my head LOL.

Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Aaaarghhhhhhhhhhh! I was waiting for that request! I had a pic on my home page but took it off, I suddenly became aware that I could be looked at by the whole world! I could post that one, or see if I can get a half decent one of me next to my Di.

I tried to measure it a couple of days ago but got hopelessly tangled in the leaves, I'm going to have to get a ladder up. It seems to be growing bigger all the time, but not a lot of height going on, I don't know, it could be the width versus height visual impression! Besides it keeps doing the tall leaf/dropped leaf thing. Stems like cast iron though!

Pooch, yep, I'm jealous! Can't hide it. Cooler weather ahead, just watch your backside. The wallaby is going to come back in leaps and bounds!

mgh, did you manage to get any daylilies from John?

PS, there was a pic of me on a tomato thread, 'Who are you'

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

LOL Janet, you are a true competitor! "The wallaby cometh" I'll be waiting.... We are in a cool spell here too ( thank Heaven) so things will slow down I bet.

Lenjo, I'll bet your DI is up there in the stratosphere by now.

My DI is getting entangled with a monster adjacent buddleia which I may have to tether or trim to keep it controlled.

Willamette Valley, OR(Zone 8a)

LOL Annie!! Well, since Maggie isn't chewing on her cast, she doesn't have to use the cone anymore.......should I send it to ya?? LOL Yes, I loved the color of the wrap on her cast too, but last time the vet checked her, he put a new wrap on's black now. I liked the hot pink better, but my boys really like the black. LOL Yes, John was a great host and it was a joy to be able to stay with him! Well, I thought your hair looked just fine, Annie, but do you know what the difference is between a good haircut and a bad haircut?? A few weeks! LOL You could do like me and only get it cut once a year. ;o)

Janet, sorry I missed the pic of you that was on your homepage. I did the same thing awhile back.....became aware I could be seen by the whole world and took the pic off! LOL I'll have to go look through the tomato thread.....unless I see one of you here first. Nope, I didn't manage to get any daylilies from John. I think I'm too afraid of getting through Customs! And let me tell you, those people who work for "a certain airline that shall remain nameless" at the Atlanta, Georgia airport, are NOT very nice! Thought I was gonna have to take on one of them when I got back to the states! LOL

Can you believe this cold spell we are having now, Annie, compared to what it was like last week??? Holey Buckets!!! I think I can actually get out and garden again. Think I might have to spring a visit on Carol too......or is she at her mom's this weekend?

Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

No such luck on getting a pic on here first! I always end up looking like someone's grandmother! Perhaps that's because I am?

I did get a pic and measure my Di this afternoon, couldn't do it so easily at night when I might get more height, too difficult! It was spot on 83", but I expect a rush on that soon as the middle bit surges ahead, it's in the making!

The first I took on zoom to get the top, which is the right measurement. The next one is of the full height, I think the holder had got a bit tired of holding the tape by then, it looked to be at the red 7' mark when I enlarged it but that could be the angle. It's fast approaching the bird nesting box. I am expecting huge advances, just watch this space!

Mendy they are like that here, whenever I went through customs I always got pulled aside because I have an Australian passport. The customs in Australia were very nice, I almost felt human!

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Lincoln, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)


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