Fruit trees for zone 8b?

Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

This I'm planting Meyers lemons trees and Mandrin orange trees. Those should grow in my area. Plums should grow but I don't like plums that much, anyone have a suggestion for a fruit tree that will grow in 8b. It's not as easy as it sounds. I'm about 1 mile from the ocean and 10 miles from Savannah Ga. Peaches, apples, pears don't get enough cold days to fruit around here and on the other hand it's to cold for most citrus trees.

Lexington, SC(Zone 8a)

Well, there are some peach varieties with low chilling requirements that are recommended for the SC coastal plains (Flordaking, Junegold, etc) but your best bet would be calling the Beaufort County office of the Clemson Extension service and asking them if they have any recommendations for fruit trees for your area. Their number is 843-470-3655.

Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

I didn't think of the extension office, I'll give them a try.

(Zone 9a)

Don't forget figs, they do very well around here.

Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

Your the second person to say figs. Know the name of a problem free, 12-15 ft fig tree? Your right up the road so what's does well there will grow here for sure.

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