Coleus Chatters July 9-15

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Good Saturday morning everyone! Our last thread got really long, very we will continue from here.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!! Enjoy your flowers.....and remember to bend over & sniff every so often!

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Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Glad you are OK. I think I would still be in bed and never mind the house. Of couse, I always say that. hehehe


Pearl River, LA

good morning everyone.....missed you yesterday...but it was a quality time with the hubby morning and work on my painting evening....I try to do different things different days to keep the mind and body dad use to say...".I got to go make and living" as a signal that visit time was over....and his "use it or lose it mode had kicked in." I find that to be so true.and I try to cut by his example...babies are still doing fine.... have a good day everyone. It is grass cutting day for me.....shirley

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Good Afternoon, Everyone!
Its turning out to be a beautifull day (even if it is my last day of vaction) Everything is happily holding their little heads high,We
FINALLLLY got a little rain yesterday. Well I`m off to play in the garden our little Hummers are back and fluttering around the window saying excuse me but we would like our feeders refilled.
Off to fill the feeders.Have Fun and Be Safe.

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Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Wow Hummers, I just love them and the way they really get on you for not re-filling those feeders. Mine iin El Paso used to dive bomb me while I was hanging out clothes. I have tried here, but think I am too close to a busy road. I believe I'll put a feeder in the back yard and see again.
Happy the secret to that late night thing is like any other sport, training. I used to could do that in my younger days, but not any more. I need my 5 - 6 hours. Used to need more, but 5 and I'm wide awake.
Tobee I appreciate those hints on your beautiful mountains of impatients.
I do my Impatient cuttings with rooting hormone just like my coleus. I just cut the leggy stem at the base and toss all that stem but about 3 inches. I also stick them under thick bushes where they get hit by my sprinklers but stay out of the sun.
I even got some doubles and tiny ones to root. I believe the tinys have gone to seed, so I'll be watching them and taking cuttings both. They are so dern cute.
DS and I went by and got the last of the edging this morning. It is so dirty, I think I will try a soak in a tub of bleach water before I put it all out. I am going to have more round than I know what to do with.
Maybe I'll re-offer on freecycle.
I'll not be un packing the car until Ds comes home. Wet tiles are very heavy.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

I am alive, barely. Went home sick Thursday before noon. Everything was going wrong. Meniere's vertigo & "swimmer's ear" feeling, nausea, bad back pain, and pink eye in one eye! Just take me outside and shoot me, please!

Came home and slept all afternoon, till doc came for DMIL housecall. She keeps running a lowgrade fever, so I know something is going on inside.

Stayed home Friday, too. Bad back pain, still and soooo tired.

My DH 90-yr-old godmother will alrrive any minute for a three-week visit. I hear she likes to run things, so ya'll pray for her, ok? tee hee hee! We've never met...but she's a talker!

I spread more Osmocote this morning, on every plant in the garden. And then I sprayed all the Sago palms and the Bird of Paradise with their 14-day NEEM treatment for the Asian Leaf Scale. that stuff is really great, and makes the plants shine!

I am a coleus-cutting-pinching-poking-planting FIEND! My Burnt Gunnie has taken off like those Creeping Jennies! It's nice to look at something that is actually proliferating, and NOT dying.

Ok. Have to log off in a hurry. Have to look presentable for the GodM.

P.S. Thanks for asking about me. It helps me feel loved, when I'm missed!

To all of you, HAPPY SATURDAY!

P.S.S. I'm trying to create some planters with the SPV, Blackie and Marguerite. How do I get them to look like the ones you buy from the florist? I mean, growing neatly up that stick in the center of the pot? The vines creep so readily, I just need help with form. Also, how should you start off the planter? I've just been sticking a length of vine under the dirt, but I've looked at the ones you buy, and they seem to be sort of plugged in a pattern and then trained up the wooden stick. HELP!

Could ya'll post a step-by-step like we did for the coleus cuttings? Ok, I hear ya'll. GO TO THE VINES AND CREEPERS FORUM! But, my friends are all HERE!!!!!


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

GG, so glad you checked in.
I just went thru and gathered a slew of SPV that were about 15" long with any sign of a root and clipped them. I then put them in a deep glass with some water to let the roots grow put them in a tray half filled with soil and added soil to cover. Put them aside and left them alone. I also did the same thing I did with coleus cuttings and rooted that way.
Going to USPO site to order Priority boxes now.

Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

gg sid...what is spv

gg i was getting worried about where you were.. i put impatiens like right next to each other 3 less than an inch away??

i guess that was what i was doing wrong....not enuf water, and i thought i was giving them too much...i don't think i am going to try them this year....but then again those freebies sure are calling my name...

hope i am not missing anyones thread

i have been doing coleus cuttings....48 in their trays right now....coleus cutting fool.....i am ...and i must say that i was very disappointed by my kongs when i first had them....but once i do new cuttings and grow those on up they are REALLY doing well with ease of growing...and if i say they are easy then they really are....

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I believe if you put plants an inch away that they will fight for food and water and never grow much. Too close from I have seen. Try spreading them out just a little. Say about 6" apart or even more.


SPV........Sweet Potato Vine.....Come on guys, pay attention.....Sugar Speaks....!!!!

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

LOL you are so sweet Happy, I bow to all the expertise here, and yes I do say alot of hot air mostly.
Just ordered USPS free to my house Priority Boxes in 3 sizes. I also ordered not free a 10# digital scale and 25 sheets of labels to print my own at home.
I plan on doing some ebaying and other endeavors.
That site takes forever and you run into many "cannot be displayed blah, blah, blahs.

Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

sid did i miss something why are you ebaying or what are you ebaying??

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Well my sweetest mother died 3 years ago and I really have to downsize. My house is just overwhelmed with too much stuff. It is crippling me! I just have a hard time turning loose. I would call those folks on A&E that take everything out and redo 2 rooms, but I'd spend the rest of my days in prison for murdering one of them or all of them. I also am a great decorator so I don't need anyone telling me what to do. LOL
I just have to pare down. Do you want to be put on the advance notice list with Franks friend in Albq.? If so send me your email addy by dmail.
I also will be pursuing other endeavors and can use the USPS supplies for those.

Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

Do you want to be put on the advance notice list with Franks friend in Albq.? who is frank and his friend...i think i must of missed some threads.....also if you need information about old stuff let me know....member i know about some old stuff.....

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Joni you have d-mail.
You haven't missed anything.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Just peeking in.....I'm on my way back out to the pool with my wonderful and gorgeous DH (but we're not making babies GG)....this has been a great day! Love you all & I'll see you soon!

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

We have a coleus id question here
Can we help moretz?

groveland, FL(Zone 9b)

good morning all!

back to watering in a few but need to say my good mornings to all!

gg...glad your ok..was getting worried bout you. glad to hear your feeding your plants. almost time for you to compare pics from before feeding and after. can't wait to see. train the spv around the stick. i use wired supports not only for spv, but when i put passion flowers in the pots or hanging baskets. so deserved a nice day with dh. do you ever have a week that you are not doing for others?? just wondering about it?

sticks...haps is most correct. i don't even think they can be put an inch apart. but close...i would say 4-6 inches. once they begin to touch they should start going upwards.

just mentioning spv...make me ill. i have a ground hog that loves mostly the green cultivars...they are eaten to the bone in every pot although we have sprayed, put down repellant, poison, everything! even the 22 hasn't worked. if i ever get my hands on them they will NEVER forget it! also the beetles have eaten and eaten them so they are full of holes. doesn't matter what the heck has been sprayed on them. this is absolutely the worse critter season i have ever seen in my days! everyone is talking about it and nothing that can be done because they are all resistant.

sidney, i'm also a big user of the rooting hormone. love the stuff. i think it really helps them stay healthy and root quicker.....ebay stories...i know you guys wouldn't believe me...but once this friend said to have so many stories that i use to think you were lying about....but what was more scarier was when i found out you were telling the day i'll tell you the story about ebay and me and how i ended up on the today's show with matt lauder and katie telling the world about what and why it all happened on ebay. (it's also in a book "ebay for dummies"). which i suppose is nothing to be proud of!!


hello to all i missed pati, shirleyt, etc and heather..where are you???

back to watering!

picture of the day although not coleus..i love her and her friends! it's lily time here!

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Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

NO TOBEE, YOU CAN"T DO THAT TO US...............STORY>>>>>STORY>>>>>>>

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Tobee.....step BACK to the computer....we need that story....NOW!!!

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

tobee, you cannot come in and drop a bomb like that and then go water the just ain`t fair..........Please come back...

Good Morning Everyone

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

See tobee, you even got Ms. Pati posting. LOL Morn'n Ma'am...

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Mornin' Hap and et al. Just been wandering among the threads this morning and ran across a discussion about tea. Many explanations for a northern DG'er that didn't know what sweet tea was and that it is considered one word in the south.LOL

Ah, the joys of lurking!

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

DONT MAKE COME to a sub zone 4A in a 6A, NJ!!!
Besides I think I saw that, and I can hardly wait to have my sagging memory jogged.
And for the rest of you this morning is that all you have to say? It's nice and 65 º here.
I am so tickled to see it's raining in New Mexico. Frank still has many friends there where he lived in squalor until I invited him to come live here 5 years ago.
He had an authritis knot on each forefinger joint as big as a walnut when he got here and now they are 1/3rd that size. I mentioned his friend Steve who has several acers in the Sandia mts outside Albq. His Pinon trees are all just about gone due to their terrible drought. It's hard to water mountain sides without rain.
I am getting ready to put Sunday Morning on record and go outside and play.
Farmers Almanac says

8-9 Seeds planted now will do poorly and yield little.
so I think doing cuttings is safe. I believe finding shade is the challenge, but I guess that's what shade cloth is made for. I may even paint a chicken today.
or two, or however many I can find that need to be painted.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Gooooood Morning all! I hope you're all well and going to have a beautiful and cheery day today.

GG....Oh my, you sound like you've had a horrible last few days. Goodness, please take care of yourself. Your DH needs to do something special for you, like breakfast in bed. Yeah! Good luck with DH's GodM. Sounds like she is full-spirited! LOL

tobee....Hi and to answer your question....nope, I don't think there is a day that I don't take care of other people. LOL When we sold our business a year ago the one thing I had in mind was to help Xander's Mom & Dad so she could finish RN school. And since she is working in ICU at a large hospital full's gonna take her awhile. Soon after I became retired (lol) my Mom got that was definately a full time job. But she is much better now and I'm so thankful for that. Our family is very small, but my Mom and my kids are very appreciative and that makes things much better. (Unlike my step-kids) I really don't mind that much......but it's so nice to be alone with my DH. I think yesterday was the first day in a very long time that we spent together without interuptions. Chase took Braden to the movies and then he spent the night at Chase & Kendall's. They planned to go fishing this morning, so that will be fun for Braden.

I have to tell you all little Braden is quite the fisherman. He will be 12 in a week and his grandparents have a few farms, where he fishes. There are some huge fish in these ponds and he's on a mission to catch them. He keeps telling me that he's hooked those big fish, but they continue to break his line. Well.....he went to WallyWorld and got 50# test line. So last month he caught a 12 pound (32") channel cat and was thrilled. And last weekend he got another biggie.....this one was 14 pounds (31") and was monster looking. LOL I couldn't believe the size of it's head.

Well, I don't know how that happend....LOL, I didn't mean to write a book about fishing...I don't even like to fish! LOL

Now tobee....are you gonna tell us your story>?

Fort Pierce, FL(Zone 10a)

Painting chickens? Well, whatever rolls your socks Sugar!!!

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Oh....I forgot to tell you all. This thread inspired me to do some digging and shopping with DH yesterday. I had never heard of JoAnn stores but found one here in OKC and they had a huge end of season sale going on .....on pots! I just love bright colored pots. DH and I got 7 pots and I'm thrilled.

Pearl River, LA

good morning everyone......had a lazy sunday morning and am just now getting to the lazy I mean got up late.....cooked breakfast for the PP cleaned kitchen...fixed meds for week for both of us.... watered a few plants....and now I am going to play..... I like to check out garden tours and play with my picture programs on Sunday.....I also make it a point to learn something new about this computer on sundays.....I use to learn something new every day but I am comfortable with it now so I am a little lazy in that dept now....I loved the painting and the cottage garden that is in progress is great....we need more pics.....please....shirley

Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

tobee get back here!!!!!!!!!!! ebay story ebay story ebay story!!!!!!!!!

also when you tell a dummie like me.....'right next to each other' meaning planting impatiens....i believe it....thank goodness i didn't have any to plant and they would have been planted right next to each other......i am so ignorant about these things....:_)

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

Sticks, that is true about any plants. They have to have room to grow. Think of the inner city kids with 5 Families to a 3 room apt. How well do they grow?


Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

hap its according to if they have been grown with messenger or not:)(grin)

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I don't that that the inner city kids get messinger.....ROTFL

Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

i think i am getting brainwashed here at daves....he he

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Joni....stick around, it will only get worse! LOL

Crosbyton, TX(Zone 7a)

well i signed up for a i guess yall are stuck with me.....:)

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Yea, we like having you around Joni.
PS getting ready to load my car for a trip north!

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

34 replies and125 lurks LOL!!!
Okay Pati, this undoubtly the ugliest yard ornament of all time. Wouldn't you paint it?

Thumbnail by sugarweed
Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

I guess there isn't anyone that wants to reply to your pic Sidney! It is now 166 lurks! And I know that isn't all Pati.....maybe it's the guys lurking so much! LOL

What is that yard ornament anyway? Is it holding something?

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

A black rooster holding a wire like a Jump Rope, LOL I think a red comb, yellow beak and legs would even help. You caused me to spend waaaaaaay too much at Joannes today, and remembering this stupid rooster helped make it easier too. Lots of it was 80% off. I got a pretty St Fancis of Asisi a darling little dog, frog, rooster and Lamb. I may have to go back for the Ram tomorrow.
I waited til after dark and put them around the yard. They have several pretty round leaded stained glass pieces about 14" for $9., but I obstained. Too much.
In 2 more weeks it will all be 90% off. I will go back then.
Did you deduct the 35 replies? They are in that total too.
Surely tobee will give us the scoop in the morning.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

uh no....I didn't deduct the replies! LOL It just never crossed my 'blonde' mind!

I'm tellin ya...Joannes was the place to be this weekend. DH and I made a haul out of there. But we pretty well cleaned them out of pots!

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Your twin had been through here.

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