Miniature pelargonium

Montreal, QC(Zone 4b)

I fell in love with this little plant at the annual garden show in our Botanical Garden. I am sorry I couldn't put it in the PlantFiles since I do not know the cultivar's name. It has the nice characteristic scent of the pelargoniums.


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Montreal, QC(Zone 4b)

A different view. Actually, three different plants are in the same pot.

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somewhere, PA

Cute! What is it about little plants that make us so crazy about them?
Thanks for sharing with us.

Central, UT(Zone 5b)

That is a great looking plant! Wish I could help with the variety. I had a dwarf variety with a pretty pink blossom some years ago but it was a bit bigger. I remember I tried to propogate it by taking cuttings only to have them rot.

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