Dry creek drainage.

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I don't know if I'm in the right place for this question or not. I've tried searching the forums, but haven't found any info, so here I am. I'm interested in seeing pics of any drainage projects anyone has done that look like a dry stone creek bed. I have a large corner lot and the back yard drains toward the front at one side of the house. This side then continues to drain toward the street. The problem is that it doesn't drain very quickly and during our torential Gulf Coast rains, I get water backed up into the yard and have boggy ground and floating mulch for days. I'm considering digging a drainage ditch and lining it with stone so it looks like a dry creek bed. If anyone here has done anything similar, I'd love to see pics. I know this won't be a cheap or easy task, so I'd like to make sure it will look O.K. before I kill my husband laboring to dig the ditch!

somewhere, PA

I've seen pictures in garden magazines. Let me do a little search to see if I can
find it.

Have you tried Curb Appeal? That might be a good forum for this question.

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I am fairly new to DG's (about 3 weeks now) and I didn't even know we had a Curb Appeal category, but I'll sure take a look! Thanks for helping to steer me in the right direction and for checking your magazines.


somewhere, PA

Welcome LInda! There sure are a lot of forums. And they each have a bit of their own personalities.
Keep trying a number of them 'til you find ones that suit you. Its an amazing place - I hope you love
it as much as I do!

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