New Project

Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

I just wanted to share with you our newest on going wood project with you all.This little log house started out as a birdhouse but after adding so many little things to resemble a real log house we did not have the heart to put it out in the weather..
Inside all the furniture is hand made, table, bed, with bedding and a rocking chair and spinning wheel and even a miniature replica of a shot gun hanging on the wall. We are still adding things to it and I loved the planters added to the windows and even the flowers in them are made of wood. The top comes off so you can easily get to the inside and it has been a real conversation piece when friends come over..
I will have to take the top off and get a picture of the inside next time..

Thumbnail by SnowBird56
Belgrave Ont, Canada

Very nice work.
i really like the detail.
it looks very realistic and cozy
great job

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