Temperance Chapman b abt 1787 in Baldwin Co, GA

Santa Barbara County, CA(Zone 9a)

Help! I've hit a brick wall with Temperance. She married Jeptha Hill in 1810 in Baldwin Co, GA.

I know about Jeptha and about my line of Jeptha and Temperance's children (via their son James Hamilton Hill), but I don't know anything else about Temperance, her parents, sibs and ancestors. I've done searches on ancestry.com and genealogy.com, on google, etc. etc. Does this family ring a bell with anyone?



Audubon, PA(Zone 6b)

terracotta...... I think I can help: I just made a quick search of Hill families of GA on RootsWeb and found Jeptha Hill md. Temperance CHAPMAN.

You should contact the following two people working on this HILL line:

(Carol) .... e-mail address: liedtke@jps.net

(Linda Bradberry).............: LDBrad@aol.com


Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

Theres a bunch of Chapmans in Winchester VA Regards Paul

Lake City, FL

I am interested in this line also. My great great aunt was married to one of their children, John G Hill. Also James Hamilton Hill, who was mentioned above, was a pioneer in the county where I live, so I have a double interest in this family. Please contact me if any of you are still monitoring this thread.

My email address is my user name on this board at bellsouth dot net.

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