Photo Caution

Hi all. The pictures are all very nice and I do enjoy seeing them and putting a face to a name...but the same thing comes to mind everytime I see a personal picture of anyone or their family. Anybody can photoshop any of the pictures and post them anyplace. I dont know if I am paraniod but I have seen some photoshopped pictures and it wasnt a pretty site.
I dont want to put a damper on all the fun I just wanted to point this out to anyone who didnt know about it.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Thank you Minnie. I was scared to post the picture of my daughter. I held on to it for months. I pulled the pictures off the site. I too am really cautious(really, I am). I just wanted my friends to see the chicken picture and a face behind the name. Because this is such a great site, I guess I got a little relaxed about things I usually protect. Thanks for the reality check. Blessings, Lisa

It's true. Have you noticed that I haven't posted a pic of my children? I don't think I will. I wish we lived in a society that was free of the baddies, but alas we don't.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Minnie,
Unfortunately, it's true about human predators. The sick part of society can find its way almost anywhere.
Lisa, thanks for posting the pictures, though, of your family and we all understand why it was removed. The saying of "Buyer Beware" also should be "Parents Beware". I won't go into details but this tested my faith in people. A school teacher that I knew was the Citizen Kane of the year. Nothing on the outside gave a clue as to what he was doing in his spare time. It concerned children, illegality and fortunately, he got caught and went to jail. Don't you just wish that we could just shut out the bad and evil! I remind myself that our society is perpetuated by the good in people and that true hearts and kind souls far outweigh the pit of mankind. Keep the faith :)

southeast, NE

Yes - it's so sad. There was a military recruiting officer and boy scout leader arrested several weeks ago in central Nebraska for being involved in child pornography. I won't repeat what my dh says we should do. I do believe that the great majority of people in our world are good.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks all for the support, you guys are the best!....sitting nervous over here! Bye, Lisa

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I'll try to stay off the soap box ... but, again, although I break some of my own rules, no pics of kids, no names, no names of schools, favorite hang-outs, home towns, etc. on the net... monitor the kid's chat rooms, have the password to all of the email accts your child might use... etc., etc. ... I *am* paranoid on this topic for kids ...

Hi all
I just want to say that I understand what Lisa meant about feeling that it felt safe about posting her beautiful daughters picture here as everyone is so nice. We all get fooled into a false sense of security. My children go nuts when they see me filling out sase for seeds. I have lectured on and on about internet safety and I go and break my own rules!! I feel pretty confident about the people I have sent sase to but have decided not to do so anymore. I usually dont post even my STATE on the internet no less my address.
This decision has nothing to do with any regular posters however you never know who may be lurking in the shadows.
20 years ago when I was my sons ages I had so much freedom because the world was so much different. These days you not only have to worry about your children going down the right path to a good life you also have to worry that others that arent such nice people arent going down the same road your good,sweet, innocent children are playing on. I too beleive that most people are good and that even the ones that arent always good would rise to the occasion if necessary. Unfortunatly, the one in 10,000 is reason enough to over-protect our precious children.
Lisa I am sure your daughters picture is safe. It was only on for a short time.....nothing to be nervous about.
Now enough of the gloom.......back to spring dreaming!!

Vashon, WA(Zone 8a)

I am sorry to have missed the picture but am so glad people thought of the danger. It is so sad, I agree. I wish it were safer in this world.

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