Raspberry mulching. Which is best for growth and production

Oxford, NC

Hello. I am new to this forum and know that forums like this seem to have the best answers. I am impressed by what I have read here thus far. My current question involves my raspberry plants. They are producing only fair. The last couple of years I was out of town a lot and they were neglected and weeds took over for awhile and they were hurt. I have never known how to control this and mulch properly. I used pine straw and it didn't work. I am obviously not the gardener my father was or I would call him. He passed many years ago. I need to know what is the proper mulch for good growth now that the season is over for berries. I want next year's production to be much more. It has promise to be a nice large patch with at least 20 plus plants and shoots currently. I want to get started now and please assume I am a rookie and know very little. It all started eight years ago when I gave two plants to my wife on Mother's day. Thanks.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Welcome, jgreenwood! You picked the best site on the 'Net to hang out on!

As for your raspberries, what kind of weeds are you fighting? Grass? Nettles? Lambquarters, etc?

If it were me, and you had them growing in rows (or single plants) I'd use leaves to mulch them with. A heavy amount (at least 6 inches thick) will help to suppress many weeds, hold in moisture, and also as they break down will contribute to the overall health of the soil that the raspberries are growing in. (Remember, feed the soil, not the plants.)

Again, a hearty WELCOME TO DG!
See you around the site!


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