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SOLVED: leopard print succulent?

Wilmington, NC

The foilage on this is beautiful... and at the base of the foilage is what appears to be air filled bubbles... like whats on water hyacinths... but these are purple, with roots at the bottom!? The garden center people couldnt even tell me what it was... other than a perennial succulent?

Please help identify!!

Thumbnail by nicole_in_nc
Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

I have one quite simalar,its a "Ledebouria" from south Africa, the person I got mine from called it an african lily,it get flowers simalar to lily of the valley.Hardy zones 9-10

Crestedchick is spot on with Ledebouria, I think its a Ledebouria socialis syn. Scillia socialis/violacea (sorry can't come up with a common name).

I have this indoors and it has bellflowers just like tiny green bluebells with purple tips to each petal. It likes to be feed every 4 weeks with a high potash fertilizer. The necks of the bulbs must always be above the soil and will do well in a rock garden where the temperature never goes below 45 degrees F (7 C)

Florence, AL(Zone 7a)

Baa, a friend of mine has this, and it's never bloomed for him---what gives? He has it in a container as it gets too cold for it here.Suggestions of what he should do?

Hmmm perhaps a does of healthy neglect is in order.

In their home in South Africa they can be found in open places where the seasons are dry, they don't appreciate humidity. My apartment runs at an average temperature of 60-65 degrees all year round (perhaps 50-55 in the depth of winter). I water mine about once every month (despite my earlier information) and it blooms twice a year, first in April and then in October.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Here in Southern California they do fine outdoors year round, even in the sloggy, cold winters around 30F. They flower so profusely all summer with their not-so-attractive flowers that it detracts from the beauty of the foliage.

smithton, MO(Zone 5a)

here in missouri we call it a silver squill bulb plant...loverly foliage.........i dont care for the flower, but a neat little reproducer....cindy

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