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Roxanne Geranium Problem

Midway, TX(Zone 8b)

I bought two Roxanne geraniums from Parks Wholesale during their big sale. I planted them in the garden where they get morning sun. They started out looking great and even bloomed. Now they don't look so perky. I noticed some other plants have them somewhat shaded so their not getting as much sun right now. I may have watered them too much too. They have dropped some of their leaves but the flower heads are still green. I am thinking about taking them up and putting them in pots.
What do you experienced geranium gardeners think?

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, dancey-- I think some hardy geraniums can be fussy about their drainage and watering practices. And protection from hot afternoon sun (especially in TX).

I had to move my 'Rozanne' around to several places before she liked her spot. And I lost a few Rozannes (I think now) because of heavy soil and drainage during winter. In colder zones, I think she requires some winter protection...

Some hardy geraniums are so hardy they are known to be invasive (Claridge Druce, for instance) whereas others are persnickity, and yet again others are well-behaved and get along fine for me.

I think "Orion" is an easier to grow (for me) cousin of Rozanne. 'Brookside' is similar and nice but I read that it is being discontinued by the RHS in favor of 'Rozanne' and 'Orion'.

Disclaimer here-- I am no expert on hardy geraniums, though. I have grown them for 3 years and now have maybe 20 in the garden (having started with 30 and lost several of them)...I have had to learn by trial and error in my garden and I posted my favorite learning links

I also checked out Yeo's HG book from the library to learn more (technical and a little dated and dull but he is the HG guru)

Hardy Geraniums are so popular in England that they have been nominated to be the national flower. Here they are little known and/or understood, but I wish I had more in my garden. Especially around the daylilies. Beautiful combination plants.

Good luck. t.

Midway, TX(Zone 8b)

Tabasco thanks so much for your help. I'm new to geraniums and trying to learn. Thank you for the learning links. That will come in very handy for me.

I am going to take up my Rozannes and put them in a pot with better drainage and see how they do. Having them in a pot will give me the opportunity to move them in shadier areas of the yard. I hope I don't lose them. I have a red hardy geranium that seems to be doing good. I have it in a pot.
I think my Rozannes have been being too damp because I have them planted in the garden with some other plants that need more water. That was not a good idea on my part.


Midway, TX(Zone 8b)

I went out and dug the geraniums out of the garden bed and the roots were very compacted in the peat moss that it was in when I received the plants. I guess I didn't loosen the roots enough when I planted them the first time. I put them in pots with a very light soil mixed with pearlite. I have hope for them as they still have some green leaves and the roots looked healthy. I also placed the pots in shade for now.

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