staking sansevieria cylindrica variegated?

North Wales, PA(Zone 6a)

I love this plant and it is fairly rare, but it is almost three feet wide b/c it droops in a sharp fan formation from the pot--almost like cylindrica patula. I need it to be more upright for space requirements but cannot take a chance on harming it. Any tips? Staking? Plant ribbon? Leaves are about 30-inches long. It's in a tall (12 inches) but narrow 6-7 inches wide clay pot right now.



Valley Village, CA

Brooks, it sounds to me that the plant is just to top heavy for the pot to hold it up. Is there any reason not to put it into a 3 gal. container. Some San. naturally just hang down and over the pot, their leaves are just not stiff enough to hold up. I think perhaps a wider based pot would be a big help. You could use green bamboo stakes and green soft plastic bands or string for the ties. Norma

Didn't Supanee have these wired like bonesai in her Ankara pictures?

Maybe check her site or email her with the question. (She's updated the site since the last time I stopped in.)

My S. tri gets to doing this and I just cut them off. I will end up breaking them if not as they have gotten over four feet long, and I'm 5 feet tall...

Newberry, FL(Zone 9a)

I have the non-variegated plant and it seems to grow out somewhat in a fan shape. If anyone does end up cutting off a leaf of a variegated one, I sure would love to have a piece and can trade for it. BTW, what color is the variagation?
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Valley Village, CA

Ladies, remember if you cut the tops off your San. species because they are too tall, just stick them into a tiny pot of soil and see if it will grow, especially now that it is hot. Norma

Valley Village, CA

Are any of you familar with the species San. bacularis?
I may have it, does it grow very tall, narrow leaves, no wider than 1" and channeled all the way up? This is a plant that I have been looking for it's name this past 5 years, I don't have another specie with that name, I have been calling it "Alva" now that I obtained "Alva" I know that wasn't correct at all. Any suggestions? Crasulady

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