the septic system in my new house has failed

On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

Welp...we went to settlement on this house three weeks ago knowing the septic was dodgy. It has now officially failed. Hydraulic failure, the health dept guy said, too much stuff sitting in the distribution box.

We have a long, narrow, lot with a stream, a pond, and two wells.

At best, we're looking at a pump system.....the couple of hundred feet to a new drain field spot...across the stream and at least 35 feet from the pond.

At alternative system of some sort.


Life is just one complication after another sometimes.

Lisbon, IA(Zone 5a)

Can't you have it pumped out? We do that every so often with our septic tank.


On the banks of the , VA(Zone 7a)

We could, I guess, if the county went for that option. We'd probably have to replace the existing distribution box with a hold and pump tank.

Because we knew this might be an option, we had the seller's escrow $40K, to be released when we had a functioning septic system, approved by the county. I'd rather just make them spend the money and do it right, you know?

I am not sure what a hold and pump system might do to the resale value of the house, or how often it would need to be opened and pumped. i'd rather not have a 4 ton truck coming across my puny little bridge once a month.

We'll see, but I appreciate the suggestion. Thanks!

Lisbon, IA(Zone 5a)

We only have to have ours pumped out every 5 years or so.... Talk to people who do stuff like that for a living. But if you think there is something really wrong with your septic system, get it fixed while you have the 40k in escrow. You don't want to be having Christmas dinner at your house and have the sewer back-up into the basement....

good luck and keep me posted, ok?


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