Ae Ae on ebay

Sunset Beach, NC(Zone 8a)

OK, for all you big spenders (LOL), now's the time to step up to the plate! Looks like it's a good deal from what ya'll say.

Fulton, MO

Lots of broken hearts from this beauty. I'm gonna stick to my DCs.

Citra, FL

$180 is a little too rich for me.

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

They are usually $100-from nurseries. Just saw one for 100 yesterday, but I'm with SB...stick with DC's ( SB-what are DC's??? lol) My point being that there are so many cool bananas out there that have a much better survival rate. I do want to try a hawaiian black banana-forget the name-need to drink some more coffee before my brain powers kick

Citra, FL

Id like to try one and have just mentally braced myself to pay $100, but $180 is even more than I can do and be able to sleep at night. Ill keep looking.

In the meantime my 5 foot tall Ice Cream banana is just LOVIN our afternoon downpours. It has 3 pups that are nearly visibly growing daily.

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