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How much does landscaping cost?

Aurora, CO(Zone 5a)

Yes, I know. The only accurate answer to that is, "It depends."

Landscapers don't give any kind of estimate over the phone. They want to come here during the week day (and have me miss a day's pay), and look at it before they quote any figures. I just want to get some ballpark figures of what I'm dealing with. Would it cost $150? $15,000?

The front yard is fairly small. It has almost no grass, mostly just weeds. It has massive evergreen shrubs that take over half the yard, and at one point a huge tree was cut down. No stump, but the tree roots still remain. And it's all on a mild slope toward the street.

So there are little pieces of things to be done:

I can't get those tree roots out of there. That has to be done professionally.

I'm seriously thinking of pulling the shrubs out.

The soil would have to be seriously amended. And here in Colorado you have to fill out paperwork up the wazoo (can I say wazoo?) to get permission to do anything to your yard.

I apparently have a sprinkler system. No clue if it works or how to run it.

I'm thinking of going to xeriscaping. My next door neighbor did, and it looks nice, although I'd want more green and less rock. The slope complicates things, though.

So can anyone give me any ballpark figures on what things like this would cost? Or what I should start on first? This is the first time in my life I've had a yard, and I'm fairly clueless. And I did rather expect that any house I'd bought would come with a lawn.

Then there's the back yard....

Also no grass to speak of. Overgrown. Soil sucks. Weed-choked.

And I only have weekends and a couple evenings available to work on stuff.

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