Pot Size Question

Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi Everyone,
I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find any post that answers my questions, so here goes...

How big of a pot would you put one datura plant?

The reason I asked is that I bought 3 daturas seedlings, not sure if they are actually still seedlings since they are at least 15 inches high, have bloomed, and have seed pods. All three seems to be pretty bushy, plenty of new growth, all the good stuff. BTW, these are Datura Meteloides (according to the plant tag), by Annie's Annuals. When I got them, 2 weeks ago, they were in 4 inch pots.
Is it ok if I put all 3 plants in one 14 inch pot, or should I give them each their own pots? If so, what's the minimum size should I give them?
I was about to put them each in their own container, but from a 4 inch pots to 14 inch seems to be too much, for me, at least.

Right now I have all 3 in one 14 inch pot so they don't dry up so fast and wilt, since we had a heat wave a week ago or so, I couldn't keep up with the watering if they are kept in their 4 inch pots, that's why I put all 3 there.
But I'm sure it's still very easy to dig them up and move them to their individual pots if needed to.
The weather is cooling off here, so if I need to transplant them again, I want to do it soon.

One more *not* on the subject question, is it true that Datura Metel 'Blackcurrant Swirl' is an annual instead of perennial?

So, I need your opinions/suggestions/comments, here. Thanks a bunch!


edited for name typo....oops

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