Closet, Indian style

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

It is a picture of our latrine situated outdoor, open to sky. Not in use for some years as we have one indoors. Our house is 95 years old and this was built at that time. Talk of cement lasting this long.. it has, because it was real cement. Workmanship was stupendous. Look at the small reservoir on the right. Functioned like a dam with sluice gate. It had to be filled with water and kept ready. As soon as the job was over, open the gate and lo, water would gush to flush clean.

Indian style squatting posture is said to be most favourable to tickle the connected nerves to stimulate easy bowel movement. Traditionally, washing with water and not t-paper is said to be more hygeinic.

Since this is not in use, plenty of wild growth appears with every rain. So recently, I got them cleared and this is how this heritage latrine looks!


Thumbnail by Dinu
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