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Mango recommendations

Citra, FL

I would love to try to grow a Mango. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good variety to try?

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

I was looking for miacle fruit and ran across this company that also sells Mango. They have several varieties. I have never bought from them so I don't know how good there plants are.

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

Just looked in Garden Watchdog and they have a good rating.

Citra, FL

Thanks, Cynthia, Ill check it out. Im not so sure I really want a mango tree now after reading one of their descriptions:

The fruit must be picked mature green and ripened in camel dung or a cardboard box.

Fulton, MO

I have ordered 4 trees from Pine Island (the link above). They have fine trees and an excellent website. One tree, a mango, that I got from them appears to me to have a tenuous graft union. It is just not nearly as vigorous as it should be on the top, yet it has pushed out some growth from beneath the graft union.

I will order from them again. They advertise citrus, but they are not allowed to ship the citrus... to Missouri, anyway.

Citra, FL

Stressbaby, if your grafted tree is growing from beneath the graft, does that mean it wont bloom true to the graft?

Fulton, MO

Halo, I keep rubbing off anything that sprouts below the graft union...trying to get better top growth. It does have one new sprout on top, about 5" long, but my other tree, 'Cogshall,' from Pine Island, has 5 or 6 new spouts, each as much as 8" long...and I have only had this tree for 3 months!

Orlando, FL

I read you have to have both a male and a female Mango to have fruit. Fran

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

The best Mango for Florida is Red Hayden most of the Mango Trees now a days are Self Pollinateing Regards Paul

Citra, FL

Thanks, Paul, Ill look for that one.

Coconut Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

I just wanted to put my 2-cents in about mango varieties. Stangely enough I've had bad luck growing mango and other fruit trees in my subdivision in Broward County. The developers probably ruined the soil, which doesn't drain well. I've had the most success with Graham. The tree tends to be quite small, but the fruit large and beautiful. The flavor is a very rich, classic mango flavor--it doesn't remind you of any other fruit. The color of the flesh is very deep orange--I guess that means lots of vitamin A. The tree and fruit are very fungus-resistant. Unfortunately a storm destroyed the tree a few years back. I replaced it with Mallika (#1 according to the experts), which had major insect problems last summer and still hasn't even blossomed. I wish I had planted another Graham. Nam Doc Mai would not grow in my yard (nor would avocado trees). One friend about a mile away has had success with Glenn (which Hurricane Wilma destroyed!) and Keitt, which is thriving and what a delicious flavor! (Starfruit and bananas are easy to grow under any conditions!) I just looked up your location on Mapquest. I see that you are near Ocala. You would have to talk to an expert to see which are the hardiest varieties of mangoes that you might try, but it would probably be difficult. Call Pine Island Nursery in Homestead--305-233-5501. Those folks are great!

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Fulton, MO

Johnny, this information is useful to me. 'Graham' is on my watch/wish list. If I get tired of watching 'Carrie' struggle, I shall replace her with 'Graham.'


Citra, FL

Great info, Johnnybgood! Ill also keep my eye out for a Graham. I may be a bit north, but Id like to give it a try anyway. Thanks for the info.


Macomb, IL

Halo, try ,TopTropicals.com they have all sorts of varities of mangos such as Mangifera indica - Glenn ,
Mangifera indica - East Indian I thought you could use this website to find your mango trees. Wyatt Reinhart

Fulton, MO

I found my Pine Island mango far superior to a similar mango from TopTropicals...FWIW. SB

Columbus, OH

Kathy, I'm with Stress here...go with PineIsland. TT has too many contradictions on their site to suit me. I've been very satisfied with what I've received from PI. As for a mango variety, the PI site has a wonderful variety viewer for you. The variety that has to be boxed in camel dung is just one variety...no other variety requires such practices. I have a nam doc mai and it fruits consistently by itself. There are many others listed there as well. Pick one that has good flesh, flavor, and growth characteristics. Any one of them listed should do quite well in Florida...at least the southern areas. Citra looks to be a bit north and you tree may need some protection??? Johnnybegood's suggestion to call PI is a good one. Let us know what you decided upon. J

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

check e bay

Tempe, AZ

Ill second the remarks about mangos from toptropicals. I dont want to blame them entirely, because no doubt Ive contributed to their decline, but two Keitts from there have completely succumbed to a fungal disease within a few months of arrival at my place. Im going to try PI next time.

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