Rosa paustris Swamp Rose

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Stan and I went to check the heifers at his brother's this morning and on the way home we drove down through the Idora Swamp. I "discovered" (read: noticed for the first time!) a huge plantation of Rosa palustris, the Swamp Rose growing just across the ditches. Fortunately, Stan had his boots on! I now have two cuttings in the 'rose nursery' under old pickle jars. They are a deeper pink than R. virginiana and bllom later - many many buds yet. Is anyone else interested in North American species roses?


Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Need you ask that question Kathleen???? Of course we are!! I think I may have the early Virginia rose on my property - or it could be something else like a blackberry or something. Will wait for the spring to check it out. I am so glad Stan had his boots!

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