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Berkeley, CA

I cannot find any info on this one. Books or internet searches. Any info is appreciated. Is it a good candidate for outdoor planting (my location info is in previous posts)? Light, water, temp tolerances?

Tag lists it as Adenium Obesum Arabicum.

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Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

That is a lovely young plant!
Keep the pot untill she fills it and pushes out.
Then lift her 1/2 inch and let her fill it again.
The A. Arabicum are the only variety to self heal root rot
They arent cheap!!
I started a bunch from seeds this summer.
They like it hot and humid, full sun but harden off first so she doesnt burn.
Feed only a 20-20-20 balance, there is no benefit to bloom booster with these.
There are 2 threads currently running in the plumeria forums regarding adeniums.
Heres a great link for you to check out.
Here is a great vendor to aquire more collectable graftred varieties from
Keep us posted!!

Las Cruces, NM(Zone 8a)

Hello Tom!
I hope you don't mind an additional reply from a newbie. I read in your other posts that you are looking for info about what can be planted in your yard. I can sympathize, I'm often searching for info on suitable plants for my yard as well. Here are a few things I have found helpful.

If you add your zone to your member info, it may help others to answer your hardiness questions more easily. To determine your zone, click here:

The Plant Files are a wealth of info and often contain guidelines for cold hardiness. I often find it easiest to use the "Generalized Search" field since I'm still learning genera and species. Click on the Plant Files tab, then click on the green search bar, and then look for the "generalized search" link at the top in the text. For example, if you enter "Adenium arabicum" into that field, you'll find info about your wonderful plant.

In addition, sometimes it helps to search the Cactus Forum itself for mentions of specific plants in past posts.

Of course, good old Google searches can often help with info for specific plants. This may lead you to sites like or, which Iíve found helpful.

I hope these tips are not too basic for you, and Iím sure not discouraging you from posting questions to this great group. Just thought it might be helpful from one beginner to another. There is a lot to learn here!

Berkeley, CA

Thanks OMH - I don't mind at all.
I was using the search function but didn't know how to identify which was the family, genus, etc. name so I would always get zero returns. I will try the general search.

Malestrom - thanks for the info. So this is part of the plumeria's? I take it you are advising containor rather than in-ground?

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

If you put her in the ground shell never develop a nice caudex.
She will grow carrot like roots
and you wont be able to lift her without damaging the roots significantly
If you want a show quality caudex then pot is the way to go
and keep it small so the roots swell underneath the soil

Tampa, FL

Hello, I enjoyed those links Maelstrom too! Thanks for posting them...i went to a huge plant fair here in Tampa, and there was an incredible amount of Adenium Obesum hybrids, it was the first time i had seen a pure red culitivar...they were expensive and beautifully a number of sellers...of course the largest showiest plants were by a number of oriental sellers that were very helpful with info. i had to buy a small deep red plant and it has been blooming ever since (3 months ago i bought it). i have repotted it and it's very happy! using my half perlite and half potting soil mix. They like to be drier here in Fla. which is difficult as they also like our full good! (we are in our rainy season, not to mention a hurricane lurking around! Tom you will really enjoy this plant! Best of luck with growing it! sue

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

In Thailand they use a mix of chicken or turkey grit which is crushed granite and pelleted chiken manure.
Completely soiless!
While the plant is in a growing phase it can be watered every day.
I keep mine moist while they are in a growing spell.
As the weather turns colder ill withold watering to once a month.
There is a great misconception about adeniums being slow growers.
If watered and fed properly during growth periods they can reach hieghts of more than 4 feet by year 3.
I have read a good bit about this.
Purple is the color to have if you can find it.
Look at this one

Thumbnail by Malestrom
Harrisburg, PA(Zone 6a)


Thanks for the links and all the info.

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

annnny tiiiime ;^)

Tampa, FL

WOW & WOW! Was that the "Arrogant" from your thread posting pics from your garden? it is spectacular....!!! At that sale i went to they did have 3 different colors on a plant (3 grafts) Gorgeous but way too much money for me!!!! Believe me i was sooo tempted.mebbe if i was a more consistent gardener....sue

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

Go to HD, Wallmart or Lowes and buy some cheap $3.- ones and learn to graft.
Then you can make nice ones for yourself. ;^)
Killing them wont hurt too badly lol!

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