Brugmansia hybrid seed wish list


Trying to figure out the best way to do this as several of you have expressed an interest in hybrid seed to me. I prefer to send out seed fresh off the tree personally as this is the easiest and fastest to germinate. I love my seeds and spend a good deal of time creating the hybrid seeds I do have. Not to mention the long wait for most of the seedpods to mature. My biggest concern is that my seeds will not die if I send them out. So, of course those with a heated green house or those that live in zones 9-10 are or should be on my top priority to send seeds to. I would of course like to send everyone seeds, but I can not do that. In addition, many of my plants were frozen back so I don't have access to as many seedpods as I had last year or the seedpods that would normally be ripening about this time this year.... I think the general gist of this is clear and I will write more latter on this as I have already wrote and rewrote this post 3 times without posting a single one. So, I know if I dont hurry up and post something nothing will ever get posted. For now, I would like a few members that feel qualified to grow a few Brugmansia seedlings during the winter months step forward so I can at least consider them and the number of Brugmansia seedlings they would like to have germinate should also be put in the discussion. For example-, Hello, my name is Birdy and I have a heated greenhouse. I would like to grow 100 seedlings to flowering size. Or, hello my name it Hen-I would like to grow 400 seeds to flowering size and I live in zone 9-10. If space is limited during the winter months, but you think that you can grow them to 4 ft or more during the summer months and they will survive outside easily.....say for instance in area's like Georgia.... Here goes, start them in seed trays and keep them in seed trays till the winter is over. This stunts the growth a bit, but they can be kept at less than 1 ft for a full yr if one keeps them in seed trays. I know, I have done this just to see.

Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

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MZ-believe it or not-I kept a thousand or so late germinators in the living room this year and just a handfull in the greenhouse. The trick is to simply make sure you leave them in the seed tray when space is limited and then plant out side. You are on my make a wish list Mz. Please resend me your address via e-mail.

Burlington, ON

Man, living in Zone 5 in Canada really has its drawbacks I can see LOL.
Zone 5, no greenhouse but if I give you my addy, would you mail me any sweepings from your mail room floor? :-)


Karma-first seed pod of the year is one of my favorites and will go out to as few people as possible to enable those few to judge the flowers without being biased. I have this same cross with parents reversed still forming a seedpod on the other plant. So, obviously as both are early bloomers, only one sets seed like lightning.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

Okay, I was ready to start writing until you said 'feel qualified'. hmmm.....
I live in Georgia zone 7, have a huge winter plant room with lights, and love brugmansia. I have seeds trays, 3 and 4 inch pots and gallon pots that I have been saving for I didn't know what. We've been talking of starting a nursery for the last 5 years. I am home bound so have plenty of time.
I honestly feel I could grow 50-100 seedlings with love. I would honestly be happy to grow at least 1. I would keep good notes for you.

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I just want you all to know that I am the most impatient person I know. Tig, please send me your address and I will put you on the seed wish list as well-Ra-how many can you grow? I grew thousands of them last year only to select the 500+ fastest growers to grow to full maturity in the ground. I had another 100 or so in pots-some of which Arlene took off with. I can see that with the 500 fastest growers I picked they all grew fast. Lol, now imagine that. Now I must confess I did save a few slow growers out that had Ecuador pink mixed in them. Still, I like fast early prolific bloomers.....
I do of course realize that most people would rather have beauty than speed of growth or early maturing Brugmansia. This is the reason why I have decided to let many of my seeds go out to others. Rest assurred I want beauty and fragrance too, but its a lot harder to get all of every trait one wants at one time hence I only like about 3 or so out of the entire mass of my seedlings. Those are the ones I set seed to by the way and the seeds that I will be giving out to everyone throughout the yr. I also have a few Pink Isabella seedpods going out this year crossed to Insignis pink, Jamaican x Pink Candida, etc, etc. I am going to be keeping my most favorite seeds for myself to select from of course as is ussual and I am going to be much more selective this coming year. Personally, I think perhaps growing just 2 thousand of the same cross would be a much better bet for my purposes and selecting out the 500+ fastest growers out of that cross to grow to maturity. Sorry, I do ramble....

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Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Hey Brug.... I live in zone 9 and would love to try some of your seeds. I have a few brug when I bought my house and have added to them by taking clippings. I am still a rookie at brug but I am learning more about them every day. I only have one color that is coral. I very much want to try other colors and some time to hybridize them as well. I fell in love with brug from the frist time I laid eyes on them and want them as the focal point in my back yard garden.
So if you could see to it to send me a few seeds I would be most greatful to you

Gulfport, MS(Zone 8a)

Brugmansia, if you are still offering seeds, i would love some.
I dont have a greenhouse, but i do have places where i can put them and protect them from the weather.
Hub is starting a new job monday. He will be leaving for days on end, traveling the country, so ill have his insulated shed if i need it too, lol..
i live in mississippi, zone 8
thanks jen


The title of this is wish list-so if you wish to be on the list just say so with approximately how many seedlings you would be interested in trying to grow to maturity. I need a list as I like to send out fresh picked seed as it has been my experience that the fresher the seed the better the germination rates and the faster the germination times. I don't like sending old seed. This is a wish list-make a wish and it may come true as new seed pods mature.

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

Brugmansia, first I ALWAYS TRUST YOU. I expect to be so busy with cuttings, will not have time for seeds, unless i am lucky enough to set some on my own. i hope you have been getting rain, it has been overcast a lot here and some rain. your babies are growing very nicely, they are glad to be in north florida soil.
btw, have you heard that freezing back every year will weaken brugs? i can't imagine that....

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

Brugmansia: I would love about 50 seeds. I have a heated greenhouse, live in Zone 8 and have grown lots of brugs from seed. Please consider me for your list. Thanks

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

sure do wish that i sould nelp with that wish list..perhaps in the very near future


Yes, thank goodness we have been gettings some rain-plants are perking up a bit just in time. OF course after the well ran dry I was and am still a bit paranoid of running out of water again. Still not watering anything but my favorites. My B.Butterfly and B.Roseabell are both in bloom but neither one has good pollen right now. Hoping some of the other flowers on those two that haven't opened yet will have good pollen as I really wanted to cross those two to each other the first go round, but if not I will cross them to Isabella. I have everyones address that has emailed me transfered over to one disk-for seed shipping as soon as new seeds mature. Next-I am very bad with names so if Brugcrazzy would please send me their shipping addy I would most certainly put you on the list. Please e-mail me with aproximate amount you wish to grow.
Ahh, Arlene...You have some nice crosses and some nice named hybrids from my collection...not to mention others I would imagine. If your not carefull your collection is going to be bigger than mine pretty soon. As for freezing back making Brugmansia weak?...Hmm, let us put it this way-if the ground is not tilled or worked properly or in other words, if one does not have adequate soil enrichment and loosening prior to planting a tall root bound Brugmansia in the soil you can expect it to come back smaller and smaller each year from the freeze. If on the other hand one has enriched the soil and at the very least worked the ground a bit to aerate it a bit-one can expect a cutting, seedlings, etc that is placed in the ground to be at least 2-3 ft in 3 months. Personally, I have seedlings that have frozen flush to the ground that started to poke out of the ground in feb-these are now bearing seed and some have mature seedpods. Its all in how you plant. Take care of your Brugmansia and it will take care of you. Yes, a few hybrids are excessively slow in growth, but I find that I actually like it better when I get a nice freeze as my Brugmansia hybrid comes back with multiple trunks forming a mass of flowers on several shorter stalks rather than a single crown of flowers on one stalk. Hmm, think of it like this-if several nodes are below ground and you get a freeze then you have several new stems,trunks, stalks or what have you. I find green cuttings and growth grows much faster than hardwood cuttings so if one does this right, one is actually going to have a faster growing plant than before unless of course one is growing seedlings or familiar with starting green cuttings to rooting or perhaps air layering. The bottom line here Arlene is that you can get a Brugmansia that is frozen down to the ground to grow much faster than the original plant. You can also get a green airlayered branch or cutting to grow faster than a hardwood cutting. Once a Brugmansia goes hard-it never grows fast again unless from a node in the ground or a green piece is touching the ground and rooted that way. Frozen back is often better when dealing with a cutting-when dealing with a seedling that is not always the case. Question I would have to ask is how many of you are growing seedlings? Most of you are growing rooted cuttings.

Franktown, CO(Zone 5a)

I live in Ohio and have a heated greenhouse. I e-mailed you earlier asking for some seeds. I could take 50 or so seeds and start them now and keep them in their pots over the winter in the greenhouse and move them outside next summer. I am anxious to smell a brug. My citrus scented one that just bloomed last winter had a nice aroma and I'm waiting to smell some of your wonderful hybrids.


just sent out a few care packages-seeds were sent out until none were left and Culebra or other plants were sent in place of seeds to others. If you did not get anything this go round keep in mind I have your address in my wish list and I will keep you in mind as new seeds ripen or cuttings need to be taken. Not to mention my children routinely smash limbs off my Brugmansia with their football. Children-got a love em.

Biloxi, MS(Zone 8b)

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Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

Brugmansia, that makes me glad my children are grown, and grandbabies are too small yet!!! I'll have to get the back 4 acres cleared out for them so they don't hurt my brug babies:)

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

i am new to the brug and dat world, also very new to this site. a friend introduced me to the brug and dat when he sent me a cutting of pink brug, a seedling of "Le Fleur" dat. since i am not familiar with this site, i would appreciate very much if i can get info on how to obtain cuttings or seeds of either brug or dat to add variety to my plant collection. btw... i am in zone 8, in the upper desert of So. Calif. thank you so much... ma vie rose

Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

Brugmansia,since this is a seed wish list ,I'd love some seed but I know that I canot grow a great many of them because I'm in lake effect country and even if I had a greenhouse it would be covered in 3 feet of snow all winter.I'm just kidding , there has to be a way to get the snow off of it!!!But since I do have 2 emty bedrooms where my chidren use to be, (all grown and on their own), I think I will do that thing with the plant lights in there for the winter.I have to heat the rooms any how,right now I winter all my brugs in my upstairs bathroom because there are skylights and south facing windows.They seem happy in there. But since I can't grow alot of seedlings to a large size ,I am volenteering to take some of those branches your chidren break off.I can even send them some saws ,hammers make things easier LOL

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