Looking for Advice on Green Bell Peppers

Hammonton, NJ(Zone 6b)

A neighbor has given us some thick-walled green bell peppers...Really Beautiful! More than I can use in the immediate future. Would like to use them for stuffing. Could I just freeze the peppers, after halving and cleaning out for later use?....or is it better to blanch and stuff, then freeze? Or maybe I should put the filling into the unblanched shell and freeze? Which is best for roasting in the oven to retain good flavor for future meals?

Has anyone had any experience in doing this?

Lineville, IA

Just clean them out and freeze. Also I chop them and freeze them for meat loaf and chilli.

Tellico Plains, TN(Zone 7b)

When my tomatoes and peppers come in too fast and I am running out of time ..........
I do what an ol gal from NC neighbor taught me years ago, Wash em and freeze em whole.

LATER ................

A quick warm rinse for an ever so slight thaw of the frozen pepps and you can do what you want with them chop or stuff. If you wait until they thaw they will collapse.

Same way to skin the tomatoes
run them under warm water and slip the skin right offa the frozen tomatoes.

I have seen some hold up for 2 years .

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

I blanch, fill with stuffing, bake, cool and freeze. They don't hold up like fresh made, but sure taste good in the middle of winter and are easy to defrost then heat in the microwave.

Hammonton, NJ(Zone 6b)

Thank you, all, for the helpful suggestions! Have not been feeling really well so cleaned them, cutting the peppers in half and just freezing without any stuffing in them. Think that a bit later I can just deforst, stuff and bake. Thank you :-)

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