Mourning Widow

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

I've started a Geranium phaeum from seed back in 2004, and placed it in a new bed last year. It gained considerable size over the 2005 season, and returned this spring. This season it has become quite large and it was full of blooms. I love the deep purple blooms and the zoned leaves, but I never expected it to get so big and rangey. I should have allowed more room for it!

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Lilburn, GA

Oh nooooo.... It makes me miss my garden in england so much.... I had 5 of them. all in different colours.

I had no idea you could get them here in the USA. Where did you get seeds from?It is a lovely plant.

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

I can't recall, Spider. I got many of my seeds from a former DG subscriber called Psilo. She had a large garden plot in the UK and sold seeds online under the name 'Cottage Gardens'. I see that the site is down now. All her seed grew well for me. I also traded for some and bought some.

I decided to try more varieties of cranesbill, since we have a local native variety (G. erianthum). It is very hardy here and greatly resembles G. pratense. I've found that all the G. pratense grow well here, but the G. phaeum was a nice surprise. I love the dark zonal markings on the leaf, so it would be welcome, even if it didn't bloom! I guess I just didn't expect it to get so big!

Columbia Heights, MN(Zone 4a)

Any chance you might be willing to share or trade for seeds? This is a really lovely plant. I love the dark purple.

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Well, if I get some good seeds, I'd be more than happy to share. It is covered with seed heads, but I'm find many of them are empty. I don't think it necessarily gets pollinated, or maybe it's dropping seed before they turn dark. I'll get back to this thread when I see how many seeds I can get. There are surely a lot of blooms.

Javea, Spain(Zone 10a)

Brings back memories for me too. We used to grow this one en mass under a huge weeping willow which used to get a hair cut every summer. You are right about it getting rangey especially in the shade but you do get a better dark colour that way. It is one of my favourites. It used to self seed readily. I'm sorry I never thought to bring seed with me when I moved.

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Well, I've begun harvesting seeds, so we'll see how much I get. I should have enough to send some. I'll email you.

(Zone 5a)

I bought a Geranium phaeum last summer and it's really grown on me - My perennial plant book didn't have a photo of it but from the discription it didn't seem that special. Then I saw a photo of it and just had to have it! It's a very unusual color for a Geranium and I really like it!

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Javea, Spain(Zone 10a)

Rannveig, as a single plant it can be a bit of a wallflower LOL, but when they are in great swathes they come into their own. It won't take long, if they have the space, before they are looking gorgeous!!!! It is a very special geranium. Grow another plant of lime/light green foliage nearby.... that shows them up really well - it's a winner

(Zone 5a)

Ah - Good idea! I'll keep that in mind when I start moving things around next year! I have a white G. pratense growing beside it and they look really nice together - but I think they'd look even better with some lime green foliage around!

Javea, Spain(Zone 10a)

We want to see photos of the results!!!!!

(Zone 5a)

Yeah I'll try and remember that :-)

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