Black Night

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

Has any one Growed This MG before? Regards Paul

Netcong, NJ(Zone 5b)

Hi Paul - I personally think that the marketing name of 'Black Night' is a redundant name for the darker colored "Kniowlas"...and unless the darkest flowers are continually selected out,the resulting generations of plants will quickly lose the very dark original coloration...

A relatively dark Grandpa Ott' taken at noontime in full direct darkened lighting conditions or other 'trick' photography to make the flower appear to be any darker than it really(!) is...

I think the following is an excellent Granpa Ott's,although the poster used the term 'Star of Yelta'

The PlantFiles and some of the entries relative to some of the darker colored 'named' variations...a virtual mass of confusion...for comparison of coloration,lighting conditions,'official names' and very obvious overlapping features...

You will notice that there isn't alot of consistency with the look of the flowers and purported names,with alot(!) of very obvious overlap of coloration features...this is mainly due to mis-marketing and unfamiliarity with what coloration and other features the named types should properly display...
My attempts,so far, to codify and correct the errors has only been partially successful...

I personally believe there were 3 original relatively dark cultivars consisting of the following 3
'Star of Yelta'
'Grandpa Ott's'
'Kniola's Black'

I believe that the following names are at best,either duplications or to be of dubious validity...
'President Tyler'
'Black (K)Night'
'Midnight Velvet'

Some threads where the subject has been somewhat addessed before

Happy Gardening(!)...



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