bringing marble back to life

Winchester, VA(Zone 6b)

I have a marble mantel. This was discovered under three coats of paint. A heat gun and a scraper has removed most of the paint and the marble is in good shape. It has paint in is pores and needs polishing.....

Can anyone recommend a product that would be suitable?

I did find a good hint on removing rust from marble if anyone is interested.

Beachwood, OH

search on the internet. I don't have a link handy but a while back I found one that described using a paste of household items like baking soda, etc and leaving it on. It lifts the dirt, etc out of the pores of the stone.

Woodridge, IL

I inherited our family's marble coffee table. I remembered admiring it as a child, back in the sixties, as it graced our white shag carpeting. My parents drove it from California to Illinois because they knew I loved it. I use a product called Hope's Marble Polish. You might want to check to see if baking soda is too abrasive, because marble isn't always as tough as it looks.

Good luck!

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