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moving to bigger pot / new ??s

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

Wow!! Did that yesterday. I had Sammy in the largest galvanized tub I had. Went and bought her a new pretty pot (16" I think, it's huge) and got the new soil all mixed up. First, I had the hardest time loosening her from the old pot. But when I got her up, the hardwood cutting that she grew from acted like it was going to break loose. It seems dead. She's the first one I got and was the only one already rooted. Her trunk comes from the pot, and this hardwood is about 1 inch or so over.
Now.... I have the hardwood cuttings I got from a friend here :) that are all growing by leaps and bounds. Am I supposed to plant them where the new growth comes from the soil? I have several where the new growth is about 5 inches or so above the soil line and need to know if I need to move them deeper. I think I'm okay with all the green cuttings I've gotten, just have this question on the hardwood cuttings. Thanks in advance!!!


Moving them deeper to where the base of the new growth touches the soil and is just barely covered will encourage much faster growth or kill them. One of the two. I always generally take green cuttings to avoid that problem, but I do lay hardwood cuttings in at an angle to propagate with less danger of losing the whole cutting. This enables to green part to root in direct contact with the soil without actually having to cut on it and expose the bare tissue. Of course a much simpler alternative is to simply take a cutting of the hardwood a few inches beneath the green new growth and place all of the hardwood and some of the new green growth beneath the soil. This should then root much easier and grow much faster. It also promotes two new plants as the bottom rooted cuttings will now throw out another shoot lower on the stem.
Hope this helps,

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

oh no!! I got these rooted, and now I have to cut them? that's scary:) I will go with one for now, and see what happens. What about the hardwood on that bigger one, is it supposed to be dead? will it fall off by itself if I keep my busy hands off it?

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

didn't cut into it, it wasn't potbound and I had plenty of room in the bigger pot. I don't know how many gallons this is, it just had " size on it and it was the biggest pot we could find, but I can't imagine moving it again. It's about 3-4' tall, and I struggled:)
I've been so blessed with all my cuttings, I'm putting on my shoes now to go 'play' with them again:) In less than 3 weeks, my cuttings filled a 4 inch pot with roots and I moved them to gallons. The cuttings you gave me, karma, are getting close to 3 feet, and I'm thinking I'm going to have to get them bigger pots next week, they're in 10 gallon now.

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