Can I vent about a neighbor?

southeast, NE

Do any of you know a person who is so annoying that you would just like to smack him/her? Some of you may remember my neighbor story from the other forum. Our neighbor, George, was out of state last year right during the lambing season. Another neighbor took his ewes and lambed them out for him. George made a lot of snide comments to my dh about things that the other neighbor did, etc. After the ewes lambed, the neighbor took them back to George's place so his wife and son could feed and take care of ewes and lambs. One night George's son called because one of the lambs tried to jump the fence and broke its leg. Dh asked when George was coming home and the son said he would be home in several hours. DH said he would come over and look at the lamb. When he got to the place, he did a temporary splint and told George's son and wife that they should call the vet because the break was bad. Well dh found out later that George complained to another neighbor about what a bad job my dh did on the splint. Well the neighbor is now retired from his job but had to go out of state for a funeral several weeks ago. He asked two other neighbors to check his ewes while he was gone. They did this to be neighborly, etc. even though they can't stand George. Several of George's ewes lambed. He has terrible (almost inhumane) lambing facilities. He had no bedding. The neighbors brought over some straw. They found out he was overfeeding the ewes and causing them to have acidosis. One of the ewes that lambed didn't have milk. They found out she didn't have milk last year. Since the ewes were in poor shape, poor facilities, etc., 6 of the lambs that were born while George was gone died. George decided to stop in last night to see us. Luckily, I wasn't around. George told dh that he had to go out of state for funeral, etc. etc. (dh acted dumb). George then went on to say that the neighbors lost 6 lambs for him while they were taking care of his ewes. I'm surprised that dh didn't smack him. George has raised sheep for 3 years and is always telling my dh about all the things we should be doing, blah, blah. Between my dh and the other two neighbors mentioned above, we have 60 years of experience. We don't know everything. We learn something new every year. I told my dh, it's time that he and the other neighbors set him in his place and quit bailing him out of his messes. I could go on and on about this neighbor. His dd ran away, his son has school problems, etc. etc. Thanks for letting me vent.

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