Rubber Tire Pony Swings

Pemberton, BC, Canada(Zone 4b)

If anyone is interested in plans for making this swing, here's the link:

Please also note, because of the litigious nature of some these days, I have had to post a disclaimer on the instructions, and ask that you please make note of them.

Baroness Jodan

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West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Definitely not your run of the mill tire swing. Thanks for the plans, baronessjodan !

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I remember seeing where someone on one of the forums was wanting a pattern for one. They said they had access to a lot of tires but didn't have the pattern. Hopefully you will connect and make them happy.

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

They sell these for quite a bit of cash in the "Back In The Saddle" catalog for horsey people. I love the idea of re-using something that exists in the landfills for hundreds of years. My sister ended up buying one for my niece & nephew & they love it. They never outgrow this swing - it is big & comfortable & just FUN.

Bloomer, WI

My husband has been searching the web for this pattern after seeing it at a craft sale and he can get tires from work and he wants to make some for our kids for Christmas. So may I pls have the pattern too??? Thankyou soooo much

~ Wendy

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Centerville, TN

I would love to have the pattern. Just built grandchildren a tree house, this would be great to go along with it. Thanks in advance. Omapick

Beaumont, TX(Zone 8b)

What a cool swing and a clever idea! I'd love to have the plans too, if you don't mind. I have 3 grandbabies and would love to build one from some old tires we have laying around here.


Fortuna, CA

Is this offer still available? I would love to make one for my grandchildren and the local tire store would be most happy to not pay to dispose of a few old tires!

Ashland, NE(Zone 5a)

I would love to have the plans for this also....great idea and so cute! Thanks!

Waterford, PA(Zone 5a)

hi please email me the directions for thetire swing

Beaumont, TX

You happen to have the plans for these? I would love to make one. I'd buy one but it costs more to ship than the planter itself !

Thumbnail by maidentheshade
Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Oh that is a wonderful planter!
It looks like the body is the main tread, with the sides of the tire cut off - leaving the innermost rings as hangers... But how did they get the tail to drape downward, & how did they make the beak?
It is adorable - hoping someone can provide the plans for it!

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

More pictures of the planter here:

Beaumont, TX

Free shipping !!!! Thanks JRush !

Yep that's the part I wasn't sure how they did either. I can almost see maybe a staple of some sort( hog nose ring?) on the beak part. I think they are all wonderful and would have a hard time deciding which one I wanted.

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Johnson Creek, WI

Hi! I was hoping this pattern is still available! Please email me
If you have any other patterns I would gladly take them also (or if you could let me know where
to find them) THANKS ALOT!

Tishomingo, MS

would you please email me the pattern for the horse swing. like others i would like to have any other pattern you have for old tires, esp the planters. thank you so much.

kathy flanagan

Margate, FL

I would really appreciate if you would send me a copy of the plans too! I have 10 grandchildren and most of them are still young enough to enjoy swinging on one of these! We have the tires already, we just need the instructions/plans. Christmas is not that far off!! Thank you in advance if you could send this to me.

FOLLOW UP: I got it and I thank you so much!!! The plans are clear and the instructions understandable! The tire store is holding the bias belted tires for me so I can make them for all of my grandchildren and even for some friends' children. THANK YOU!!!

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Minneapolis, MN

I too would love this pattern for my grand nephews.
Thanks in advance!

Montreal, Canada

Hello, I was really happy that others share my passion for those horse tire swings!! If the patterns are still available, I would be more than happy if you could send me a copy to

I would really like to try to make one for my son!!

Thanks, Jorg

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

Me too - Something I would love to try as a Winter project.
Perhaps a city playground or park would accept the finished product as a donation.

Bloomer, WI

Has anybody gotten the pattern for this?? I havn't and I was hoping to get it so hubby could make them for Christmas.

~ Wendy

Bloomer, WI


I sent you a dmail cause I don't know your email addy anyway I sent you my email addy through the dmail. Thankyou

~ Wendy

Fortuna, CA

No, I have had no response either. I think baronessjodan may have forgotten this site.

Tishomingo, MS

baronessjodan, thank you very much for the pattern you sent me yesterday.

Cedar Rapids, IA

heh. I wouldn't mind having a set of these plans if the offer still holds. Thanks,


Burgin, KY

VERY interested if the offer still stands. My sons would LOVE this!!!

Mobile, AL

great idea what a cool swing, i'd like to have the pattern to build one for my grandchilren

Bethany, IL(Zone 5b)

baron, I purchased my tire pony from Rural King for $59 last year. It has a sissal mane and tail as an accent. You did an excellent job! My 5 grandsons, all 3 and under, love to come to gramma's to ride the pony! It hangs in our barn and I put straw bales under it for safety. We use two heavy rubber bungee cords to hang it from a rafter.

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Belton, TX

I have been searching for this pattern for ever, and I too am to cheap to buy it. It would really be appreciated if you could send the pattern for the pony swing

Thanks in advance

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Admin note: I removed all the email addresses that were displayed in this thread, to help each of you avoid spam mail (whenever you post your email address in a public forum, anyone can pick it up and add you to their mailing list.)

I have sent a dmail to baronnessjodan, suggesting that we provide a link to her plans in our "Extras" section due to the popularity of her offer. If we made it available through a link, she wouldn't have to worry about keeping up with the email requests. (And - of course - we would give her full credit for them, as we have for any member who provides plans or drawings for the benefit of other members.) If anyone is in contact with her, please let her know we'd like to hear from her and arrange to set this up.

Cleveland, GA(Zone 7a)

I've been thinking about these tire swings and tire bird planters, and now I have a tire to work with. What did you use to cut the rubber? A Sawsall? With a metal cutting blade for the belts? How did you hold the tire still while you were cutting those little pieces? I am anxious to start something but I figure before I do this thing the hard way, I'll ask ya'll how you did it! Thanks,

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Hi Cindy,

Cutting tires will wear your blade out pretty quick. I just buy
a decent knife at the local Goodwill store and keep a sharpening
stone handy.

Be VERY careful when cutting tires, as you have to use a bit
of force at times, and this could be very dangerous.

:-) Karen Marie

Beaumont, TX

Terry, Where is the "Extras" section?

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

If you click on "Home", you'll see a link called "Extras" in the bar of links, just beneath the tabs across the top. I'm awaiting an email with the tire swing directions so we can post them in that area.

Beaumont, TX

Thanks Terry. I see it now. I looked and looked for a forum in Garden Talk and Home Talk. I even looked at the top but I must not have been on the home page.

Palmdale, CA

can you please email me the plans for this horse tire swing. Thank you very much.

Adrian, GA

I cannot find the plans for this pony swing. Can anybody else??????

Alum Bank, PA

I would also like a copy of the plans for the horse tire swing and any other tire pattern that may be out there. Or does anyone else no where to find these plans?

Lake Wilson, MN

Could I please get a copy of the horse tire swing? I would like to make one for a Christmas gift!!

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I did receive a dmail from Baroness Jordan back in November requesting my email, so she could send me the instructions. But I have not heard back from her - Has anyone received the plans yet? Perhaps she is not active on DG lately?
I am going to go to a garage & ask for an old tire to see if I can figure it out - Maybe try a small tire first!

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