How To Make 'Pot People'

Talbot, Australia

I was needing some help. I have inherited lots of terracotto pots. I remember seeing in a Magazine a 'person' made from these pots but have been unable to find the magazine article. There were several ideas that one could make with these pots. (Mainly people but there was also various animals including a pig) Could anyone out there help with this problem before I go 'potty'!! :-) Lee

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Oh my gosh, yes, yes, yes!

I actually have an article clipped out of a magazine, where oh where
did that go?

It is of a man, a full man with arms and legs and it is tooooo cool!

Here are a few links to check out, though I can't find the one mentioned
HGTV's Terra Cotta Pot Scarecrow
Craft at Home's Clay Pot Scarecrow

The Woodlands, TX(Zone 8b)

Those are cute, Kriss Weber from HGTV makes some creative ones.
She makes a dalmation with a fire hydrant that's really adorable.

Talbot, Australia

Thank you Wuvie. Although their not exactly what I was after, it has given me some ideas for other things that I can make with ALL these pots!! Like fly_girl, there are some really cute and creative ones on the HGTV site.

The one I was particularly looking for were like 'Bill and Ben; The Flowerpot Men'. I don't know if you ever got that kids show ever in the States? They are completly made from terracotta pots (head, hats, arms, legs, bodies etc.) Also there was a pig that I am very interested in getting the instructions for.

I'll just have to try and come up with it myself. I can use the ideas that you have supplied to try to design one myself. Unfortunately, I'm not very talented - anything could happen!!!! LOL :-) Lee

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Oh no another pig for your collection!! I think your hubby just might finally throw up his hands!! LOL.

Talbot, Australia

He has been glad that no-one has posted an idea for the pig yet and I don't have a very creative bone in my body!! I think he will actually pack his bag if they do!!!! Oh well....... he will get over it. I did remind him that on the day we got married I did say "in sickness and in health, in poorness or in wealth - along with my pigs - we live as one, till death do us part"!!!!!! LOL :-) Lee

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hi Lee,
Someone here on DG made a pot lady...she is really cute!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Lee, on your B-day you should have a party where you invite everyone you know who has live oigs and tell them to bring the pigs with them to visit you. But be sure to have a camcorder to capture your hubby's face when he sees all the pigs. LOL

Talbot, Australia

JustmeLisa: The pot lady sounds interesting but unfortunately I could not view her as I am not a subscriber - just a member - and this site (and pic) is only for subscriber's eyes. But thanks anyway!!

Peper23: Good idea!!!! And I bet he would have a heart attack and when he recovered - the divorce papers would arrive - especially if he thought they were here to stay!!!!! LOL :-) Lee

DFW area, TX(Zone 7b)

Hey, Lee - Come on and sbscribe - it's only the
price of one pizza ! The more, the merrier.

DFW area, TX(Zone 7b)

Lee, I just saw that you are in Australia. There are quite
a few members here from Australia, and I have family
in Adelaide, in Sidney, and in Melbourne.

We also had the rodeo competitors from Australia stay
with us a few times when they were here for the competitions
in the Ft. Worth Area. I believe they were from Queensland.

Where are you? Where is Talbot anyway?

Talbot, Australia

I'm thinking of Subscribing but it is sooooo far away (the States, I mean)!! I just don't know if I would get enough out of it, although I do enjoy conversing with such wonderful people overseas. It's been a real learning curb for me and a hoot. Converting things (like your Tea Cakes) which are simmiliar to our 'Cookies' or 'scones'. You lot in the States don't know what Custard Powder is and I have been trying to explain that. It's been a real challenge (on both sides of the world) and Very INTERESTING!!!! LOL
I've also been able to find out things like the 'pot people' construction!!!! Very informative you lot are - and extremely knowledgable.

Where is Talbot - I see you write. If you go to a map of Australia - the small State at the bottom, right hand side of the Mainland (Not the island on its own - that is the State of Tasmania) is the State of Victoria. The Capital City of Victoria is Melbourne and we live about 1 1/2 hours drive north (inland) from there.

I have been to Adelaide many times - its only about 7 hours drive from us. Its a lovely city and boasts many churches. Sydney is lovely but I don't like it as much as other places. That is just a personal opinion as lots of people don't agree with me (especially the people that live there!!! LOL)
Melbourne is very busy with people rushing all the time!!! That's why I live in the Country - the air is fresh and not polluted - and you can walk up the middle of the road with NO fear of getting run over. Peek hour traffic here would consist of 2 cars, a horse and rider and the occassional dog!!! LOL

How much is the price of a Pizza (I mean to Subscribe)?? :-) Lee

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Hello Lee,

Here in Northeastern Oklahoma, a large (16") pizza with just one topping
runs $9.99 at the local pizzeria. Pizza Hut is always more expensive.
Then we have the little Pizza Inn type places with similar prices.

You might consider joining as a subscriber, there are soooo many forums
you may be interested in. Many people are under the false impression that
Dave's is strictly gardening.

Custard powder can be found, but generally online for about six dollars.
Orgran and also Crosse & Blackwell are available on
Isn't the internet fabulous? What on earth would we do without it?

Do tell, what does one do with custard powder, you have my curiousity. :-)
(Contains sulphites for those concerned with allergies.)

Thumbnail by WUVIE
Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a),22988,356941,00.html

Lee, I had this on my agenda to do soon, just haven't had time to do it. Hope you can get into this site. These are a bit more simple and if you do get into it - If I recall correctly, I think they had a pig too.

DFW area, TX(Zone 7b)

Edited to say: I goofed up, so redid it. Sorry about that.

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DFW area, TX(Zone 7b)

WUVIE - That picture is soooo sweet ! That poor baby
is thoroughly exhausted.

Lee - Thanks for telling me where you are. My aunt from
Melbourne send me lots of photos of her very lush and
beautiful gardens. Everything is so green and the flowers
are to die for. My uncle's garden was in the newspaper a
few years ago. He built his own house in Geelong and then
created a lovely garden to go with it. The man had an
absolutely unbelievable green thumb.

There are many Australians who post here and I run across
them repeatedly. In fact, one of the administrators here at DG
is in Churchill. Come on in, Lee, the water's fine :o)

If you go to Jokes and Chat, he runs the thread called
Five Letter Word #6.

DFW area, TX(Zone 7b)

Lee, I just checked the members list. There are 1,944 members
in Australia. Maybe you all could form your own forum.

Talbot, Australia

Wuvie: thanks for the info on Custard Powder. I am involved in the cooking forum the thread is 'No Fail Sponge' - take a look and the sponge that I make is pictured. That is one use for Custard Powder. I can't understand that price of it. Here in Australia it only costs around $3 (Australian). Loved the pic. Your baby is so adorable.

n2birds: thanks for the great site. Can get many ideas from this one. It really got the brain cells jumping!!!! Haven't found the pig yet, but will have a better look after, although my hubby said not to worry! My reply was 'that it isn't a worry - for me anyway!!!!!! LOL

Mahnot: Hubby and I are actually going to Melbourne this week-end for a few days. We are joining up with some friends from Bendigo (we used to live there) and spending until Monday in 'the City'. Yes the gardens in Melbourne are nice, but very soon they will have to go on strict water restrictions, as we are on. The ratio of demand (population) to water means that it will not last. Along with the lack of rain (being in drought conditions for roughly 3 years) they will be in strife very shortly, as we are, in the country.
I didn't know that there were anyone from Australia on this site. I have not 'run' into any of them.
Will go to the Joke and Chat forum and have a look. Hope it is for members :-) Lee

Talbot, Australia

Mahnot: Tried to go to the 'Joke and Chat' Forum but that is for subscribers only. Never mind - one day!!!! :-) Lee

Lansing, KS(Zone 5b)

Lee, you must join, everything they say is true! The conversations are very lively, helpful and enriching. Don't look at subscribing as a pizza ..but as an open door to a new wonderful world ! ....Besides I enjoyed a wonderful neighbor in Alabama from Australia, she would bake these wonderful cakes and make fresh cream topping. I would make a pot of coffee and we would enjoy sharing our similarities and our differences. Awesome! I'm sure you have some awesome conversations to share as well.

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Oh, I only wish that were my baby. He was a picture in an email
someone sent me. So sweet!

West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

leelovespigs, garden6 is right... Dave's garden has paid for itself, to me anyway, with the trades, freebies, and advice, and that's in a month or so!

Talbot, Australia

The differences between America and Australia is extremely fascinating and exciting, but the distant between the two continents is so vast. I'm just not sure if I would get enough from the fuss of subscibing although,on saying this, I (an my friends who come around and read the forums) are having a great time and enjoying DG enormously!!! It's been great and y'all have been really lovely and friendly!!
:-) Lee

Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 9b)

"Y'all". You are definitely from the southern part of Australia. LOL

Fortuna, CA

has some fantastic pot creations but the instructions are for sale and not given on line.

i really love her elephant though!

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Talbot, Australia

Budgie: I've been 'studying' very hard and learning heaps, specially with my 'southern drool'. (is that what you call it???)!!! Aren't you impressed?? LOL

Stinkerweed: Thanks for the site. Will check it out now.

I have been given sooooo many ideas - I think that my garden will consist of all these creations and (because of water restrictions) no plants!!!! Think that might be the only alternative!!! LOL :-) Lee

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Here is a picture of mine that I took last year. I wanted to make a doggie but didn't get a chance this year.
:) Donna

Thumbnail by PerennialGirl
Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Hello Lee,

Guess what???

I was cleaning my craft area and I found the picture I was telling you
about last month!

Here is the link:

And here is the picture: (Many thanks to Butterfly Chaser and the
magazine it was featured in)

Thumbnail by WUVIE
Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

And some goodies from Southern Living:

Thumbnail by WUVIE
Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Good grief, I guess I could have pasted the link for you, LOL

Starkville, MS

Lee - you can get a 2 month subscription for $5.00. That gives you (and your friends) time to really check us out, and decide on the yearly subscription for $15.00.

Now you need to get back over to the Mid South forum so we can teach you the difference between 'drawl' - Southern speech, and 'drool' - what occurs when some one puts chocolate on the table!

Please come on in to enjoy the full benefit of all the forums which have *so* much to offer, and to give all of us more knowledge of Australia.

ps - you and my neice must be soulmates! Instead of the traditional "bride and groom" topper on the wedding cake - she wanted PIGS! (She didn't get them!)

Talbot, Australia

Sorry everyone - been a bit busy the last couple of weeks. Thanks for all the great ideas that keep coming in. I've now decided that because we are on Stage 4 water restrictions that instead of planting plants and shrubs etc. I'm going to have a 'Garden of Potted Creations'. I am going to use all the ideas that y'all have given and any others that maybe suggested. In these creations, I'm going to put a few flowers in them to offset all that terracotta. I'm getting really excited.

Ginni: Your neice sound like a really top chick!!! Just has to be if she loves pigs. Pity she didn't get her way with the pigs on the wedding cake - I did!!! LOL :-) Lee

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