Woodstove dust :-(

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)


Just on a chance that someone here may have found a 'reasonable' solution to a problem I have with the my woodstove .. I'm gonna give it a shot ..

I LOVE the heat the woodstove gives off .. but I HATE the DUST .. and it seems to get worse every season .. we usually have the asbestos door braiding changed every year to insure a tight seal .. but that darned dust just flies everywhere when you stoke the fire or add a log or empty the ashes.

Any suggestions ??



West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Before I open the door, I open the flue damper so it's drawing as much as possible, and try to put the logs in gently. When I clean out the ashes, I have a helper with a spray mist bottle of water, and keep spraying the air where the dust is. It knocks all the dust to the floor, and it's not as messy as it sounds.

Frankfort, KY

How long has it been since you had your chimney cleaned?

Dover Foxcroft, ME

misting sounds like a good idea...i have the same problem. I do have my chimney cleaned annually. still, there is almost always a fine ashy dust on everything...

Harrodsburg, KY

I'm finding this out, too with my new wood stove. I'll try the misting idea. Also I've read about ash scoops that have a trap door on them that you shut before taking it out of the stove. Then you can carry the whole thing outside to dump it. I know most of the dust I'm noticing billows out of the bucket when I scoop out the ashes.

Here's a link to where I saw the ash scoop: http://www.woodheat.org/tips/ashfetish.htm

That's a great site. Lot's of helpful tips about fire starting, heat efficiency, firewood etc.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

When I dump a scoop full of ashes I don't actually dump the scoop. I put the scoop on the bottom of the bucket and pull it out from under the ashes. It keeps a lot of ash from fling around.

On "This Old House" program a couple of weeks ago they where showing a solution to fine wood dust in a workshop which a viewer had sent in.They had took a box fan and attached a hepa style furnace filter to it. It seemed to help. I think it might be worth a try since a furnace filter is cheap and most people have a box fan. -Doug

Wallingford, CT

That "dust" is called ash. It's the never-ending biproduct of burning wood, (as you know).
When opening the door of your wood stove, only open it a crack, at first. You'll notice the fire get a bit aggressive, and then settle down. THEN open the door as wide as you need it, for adding wood.

Leave a 1/2 inch of "Ash" on the bottom of your wood stove at all times. It acts as an insulator, and will protect your stove from unnecessary and premature ruin.

When removing Ash to your ash bin, go slowly and carefully, keeping the ash bucket as close to where you're working, as possible. If necessary, put newspaper under the ash bucket, for spillage.

Avoid drafts and sneezes, when working with the ash!!


Batavia, NY

I'm sure you are the only person that is looking for a way to remove ashes from your wood stove with less dust. I recently stumbled on a pretty neat ash scoop on eBay. I ordered one and it just arrived. I've only used it a couple of times, but it seems to work great. You can take hot ashes out of your stove without spewing dust all over the house. I have since found it on their website, www.ashdragon.com. You should check it out.

Poynette, WI

My stove had an excellent draft. 6 inch into 8 inch pipe, ashes stayed in the stove. I kept my vacuum right next to the stove. Any spills, drops, etc. takes 30 seconds to clean it up. Live coals that may fall out of the stove are picked up and immediately put back into the stove. Ashes went into a tray in the bottom of the stove, pull that out and take it right outside, I did not even risk dumping any ashes anywhere inside, cleaning the chimney can be a different story. Nutmeggers comments about leaving some ashes in the stove is right on, also you can bury hot coals under ashes and you still got fire, or at least something left 10-12 hours later when you get home to throw wood chips or bark on which is kind of an old indian trick for rekindling a fire.

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