Started an Oregon Hiking set of pages

Beaverton, OR

This weekend, I made a page for hiking areas that I've been too and enjoy.

It's a starting point page, and then there is a drop down menu for several hiking spots, each on their own page.

I limited the individual pages to mainly one photo, since I have albums online. I placed the album link on the bottom of each page.

It seems like a practical way to arrange these. Then each time I go hiking to a new place, I can add a page for it and a link on the main hiking page.

I can't wait for autumn. It's my favorite hiking weather of the year.

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Lombard, IL(Zone 5b)

Very nice site you made there. If I am heading out to Oregon in the future I will definitely use your site. Love the pics of the fungi. Have you ever used Google Earth? I have been meaning to email Google earth files showing my hikes along with photo albums to friends so people can see what I did. You can even do fly-by tours. Here is an image taken from the confluence of Coyote Gulch and the Escalante River in Utah.


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Beaverton, OR

That might be fun, capturing an image from Google earth as a jpg. and pin-pointing hiking spots on it.

I used the program when I moved to Medford, Oregon, area.

To advertise our pruning work, I used it to view the suburbs here, and see which ones were vegetated - indicating older neighborhoods with trees to prune.

I realized that a swimming pool maintenance company starting business can use it too. It's easy to see which homes in neighborhoods have pools, or where most pools are located. They show up light blue in back yards.

Unless it's Beverly Hills, then every home has a pool - use Google for Beverly Hills, and you will see.

Chandler, AZ(Zone 9b)

great site and photos! brings back memories of my "mom's trip away, alone, from the kids and husband vacation" in may of 2005. i stayed in a bed and breakfast in seaside and then spent a couple of days exploring and hiking the coast at ecola and cannon beach. then i headed over to portland to visit a friend and did a couple of hikes along the columbia river gorge. i had a great time on that trip and your photos make me want to go back. i think it might be time for another mom's vacation. :)

Beaverton, OR


What you just mentioned was exactly what came to mind today. I wanted to make a page with a recommendation of how people could come to Oregon and enjoy the most in just 3 to 5 days. It might include a night in Portland, but for sure, it would include Seaside / Cannon Beach, Manzanita and Nehalem Bay, plus the series of falls in the Columbia River Gorge. Also Beacon Rock on the Washington side. And then, Eagle Creek and that hike is in the Gorge too.

The Chinese and Japanse gardens are worthwhile for people that like gardens - about 20 minutes apart.

Somebody could do it all, in just 4 days, maybe 5.

Chandler, AZ(Zone 9b)

sounds like a good idea. that is what i did. i was there for 5 days. i spent 2 whole days on the coast and 3 days around the portland area. i even had time to go to the japanese gardens (which are wonderful) and do some wine tasting out in the country side.

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