Rain Last Night Saved My ............

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Big Old Oak Trees, peach trees, Angel's Trumpets, Roses, Hibiscus, Iris, Cannas, Elephant Ears and everything else. They were all so stressed from lack of rain that they were easy targets for Spider Mites which were coming out of the woods and pasture land to feast on the plants in my "little bit of heaven". Maybe, just maybe, we can NOW win this battle with the spider mites.

The dogs, cats and birds are happy this morning, although the thunder and lightening scared them bad last night!! We got about 1 1/2 inches of rain judging from the water standing in the flower pot saucers.



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Starkville, MS

YAHOOOO for Judy!!! I was sure hoping *somebody* got some rain out of those clouds. They all past over me at warp speed taking every bit of that water elsewhere.

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Does it look as if you will be getting any rain today?


Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)


The circle on the 3rd county over from the MS River is where we live.. notice the rain is turning north before it gets here. That is why we've been so dry, the rain clouds are splitting and going around us. LOL LOL

I know, you didn't hear me complaining when the tornadoes bounced around us as close as a 1/2 mile for the same reason whatever it is that the rains miss us.


Starkville, MS

Nothing yet, but I haven't given up hope yet as there are still a few 'puff balls' building out there.

Eupora, MS

Looked like firworks toward your way from our house last night..thought it would get to us, but didn't..might have gotten to Ruth..she's in between you and me...didn't hear the weather this morning, but think there's a better chance today than has been, but who knows..the weather people don't even know..I think we are in the boonies so far back..it usually misses us.

Starkville, MS

Carolyn - that seems to be my problem too, back in the boonies where not even a cloud can find me!!! It has started clouding up again so - maybe?

Last night's 'fireworks' missed us completely. I could see the lightening and hear the thunder at one window (to the northwest) and look out another window and see the moon shining clear (to the southwest) all without getting out of my computer chair! My SIL 5 miles away did get some rain. Not much, but right now, every little bit helps.

I know about the monthly auction you mentioned, but DH and that auctioneer don't always see eye to eye, so we don't go there. (Long past history that doesn't need going into.) I generally only go to auctions to get away for a bit from the day to day things around here, and it provides a wonderful "day out". Sometimes I buy, most times I don't, but I always have a good time visiting with friends.

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

My yard got some good rain last night, and some this morning. I'm so thankful!!

Hendersonville, TN(Zone 7b)

Judy - LOVE that Hibiscus! I have doubles like that in shades of peach.

We got a downpour this afternoon, thank goodness. I'm glad God decided to water those 46 boxwood shrubs I planted last week in my formal rose gardens so I didn't have to!!

Birmingham, AL(Zone 7b)

crossing my fingers for tonight. We hope to get *some*.

Rienzi, MS(Zone 7a)

The rain forgot to come here last night!! I guess I need to put CC on her "Tail Twitch Dance" again. lol We did get 20 minutes worth of rain this afternoon, however, I still had to water plants and trees. I am so happy for those of you that got rain last night and hopefully today.


Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

We put the dogs up and drove down to Booneville, MS (and then to Tupelo). Booneville is real close to Rienzi. The clouds opened up just as we got to Booneville and Judy says that it was a "Gulley Washer"...
Lasted 45 minutes. There were some puddles in the yard when we got back so we might have gotten another half inch.

Birmingham, AL(Zone 7b)

Birthday rain.

Rienzi, MS(Zone 7a)

That is the story of rain around here Bigdaddy99. The rain will fall all around us but nary a drop in the Hinkle Creek community. We are West of Rienzi just off of Hwy 45. Booneville is 9 miles to the south and Corinth 9 miles to the north. I have seen it come a flood in Rienzi and get home and the driveway as dry as a bone. I guess we will get rain when the Good Lord thinks we need it. I was in Corinth yesterday and everyone I talked to was talking about going out in the rain and just standing in it to feel the glorious wetness. I just knew we would have a day of lots of needed rain, but it had not rained here until I got home then only 20 minutes worth.

Oh well, soon I hope or the water company is going to love me.


Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)


That is the way it does at our house... it's weird!!


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Acton, TN(Zone 7a)

Me's too (9 miles north of Corinth's Wallyworld). Must be bad Karma left over from the Buford Pusser and the Stateline mob days. Howevever, we got 0.75" Saturday & 0.5" on Sunday and Corinth didn't get a drop (and we never pay the Preacher!) LOL. Joe

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Hey, Joe... here's something I can't figure: Why are some folks bad mouthin' Wallyworld? I don't know what I'd do without it... They must not have ever visited on a Saturday night in Corinth, Mississippi.

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

DB you are weird, what did that mean???

Signed The Rope

Rienzi, MS(Zone 7a)

Judy, I have been told (by those that know more than me) that we are in an area that has something like whirlpools in the air. Cingular had to put up four new cell towers (all within a 2 mile stretch) so people around here could use their cell phones. Seems these whirlpools caused lots of dropped calls. I think that may be one of the main reasons why the rain by-passes us here. Perhaps you have the same thing in your area.

I guess the water company has forgotten to read the meters this month 'cause my water bill is the same as last month...under $20. After watering baby trees and new vines and flowers all summer, I am sure when the meter readers do come around I am going to either faint or have a heart attach from the bill...lol

This cooler weather sure is NICE.


Philadelphia, MS(Zone 7b)

Linda...where is Rienzi?

Rienzi, MS(Zone 7a)

Rienzi is in the south section of Alcorn County. I don't actually live in Rienzi, but that is my mailing address. Alcorn County borders TN to the north and Prentiss County to the south. The County Seat is Corinth (biggest town in this area). Northeast Community College is just south of Rienzi in Prentiss County. Tupelo (Lee County) is about 48 miles from here. Rienzi is soooooooooooo small. Years ago there was a traffic light in the middle of "town" now there is only a four way stop. The community I reside in is even smaller. lol
Rienzi was once one of the major hubs of Alcorn County long ago when Jacinto was the County Seat. Rienzi is about 6 miles east of Hwy. 45.


Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

Linda... We have the same thing here with our weather.

My brother was a TV weatherman and explained to me about the air turbulence around here. Storms will be coming towards us from the west. They get about 5 miles from our house and turn or split into two storms and go north and south before they get to us. We have been sitting dry on our porch and watched as tornadoes passed by us doing MAJOR damage only a few miles away. Once every few years a storm will come towards us from the North-East, we better batten down cause those are going to really give us problems.

We only got a nice sprinkle of rain in the last day or so. It is cooler though.


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(Sheryl) Gainesboro, TN(Zone 6b)

Mmmm- up in Cookeville we're getting a nice soft shower..... after Phoenix, it's heaven.

Closed on my house last night up in Gainesboro - picked my first weeds out of the original owner's flower beds (glad the poor woman can't see them now!). Looks like the rain has been here, the fescue is chin height.

"Paging Dr. Bush Hog, to Sheryl's house....STAT...!"

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)


Welcome to Tennessee and the Mid-South Forum!!!

You'll like it here, folks are really nice.


Rienzi, MS(Zone 7a)

It is really strange how turbulence can change the direction of a storm. Our rain seems to usually come hard through the north and occasionally from the east. We all thought we were doing something wrong and mother nature was not pleased with us. What a relief to learn that it is just a turblence....:-)

The drop in temperatures has really with the watering some.

Yesterday I was in Corinth for my eye exam. When the doc was finished with me, I opened the door to go outside and to my surprize it was raining HARD. I got soaked through and through just going to my car. When I got home we had received "some" rain, but Dad told me later that it wasn't much more than a sprinkle.

Maybe one day Mother Nature will be pleased with us again and allow some "real" rain to stay for a few days.

Hope Mother Nature has been good to ya'll this week.


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