How did you find out about DG?

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Newspaper article (which newspaper?)
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Magazine article (which magazine?)
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Search engine
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A link on another website
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Friend or family member told me
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Valencia, PA(Zone 5b)

Google. Got here and never left :-) Karen (liebran)

Caistor, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)

I kept asking a friend what is this flower and she told me to come here, I too have never left. Left for where???.............Lauri

Katy, TX(Zone 8b)

just surfing and looking for info on some of my plants, saw your site and got hooked. Have since recommended it to my stubborn sil who always has theories but no knowledge or experience; he asks me for detailed info, I give it, he goes his own way and fails miserably. I'm no expert but I do have 60 yrs. experience and have made many mistakes but I "learned". For instance, he decided to amend the soil around the house for flower beds, carted in tons of top soil, dug out native soil down to approx. 3 ft., discarded native soil, filled in completely w/top soil and potting soil, didn't plant but covered the whole mess w/ mulch and then wondered why those areas became bogs and didn't drain. Also recommended it to our daughter who is trying to garden in San Antonio and anyone else who will listen.
Editing to add that the native soil is pure clay w/housing material from bulding thrown in.

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Franklin Grove, IL(Zone 5a)

My daughter found this site and loved it so much that she got me a membership for Mother's Day. Been here ever since.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Google. I was looking for pictures of iris, considering purchase from website w/o pictures. Noticed that the really great photos kept turning up on this website. Registered while trying to view more photos than daily limit. Bookmarked site but did not otherwise pay it much attention right away. Later, in subsequent searches for plant photos and info, kept ending up here. Eventually decided to join - given the low cost of membership. At that time I did not plan to participate in any way other than viewing plants and plant info. Well that has certainly changed. Luckily, in time I learned that plant photos were just the tip of an incredible iceburg! Now, this is my favorite website.

Lisbon, Portugal(Zone 10a)

Googled for god knows what plant information and found this oasis.... I'm here to stay!!!!
It's not just the information, but the community - everyone is truly gracious and ready to help. That beats any extra comprehensive static site! Because gardening is a day-to-day challenge, and it's great to have somewhere to "come home to" everyday!

Thank you Dave

Thanks all of you fellow gardeners all over the world!

Burlingame, CA(Zone 9a)

I found Dave's while doing research for a school project. Loved it and joined up straight away. Now my days go like this: Wake up, make cup of tea in Dave's Garden coffee cup, sit at computer, read google news (takes about 1 minute - I like to keep on top of current events ;), go to Dave's, read watched forums, read other assorted forums, look up plant info in Plant Files, feel the sun burning my mousing arm as it comes through the windows and realize I've just spent 3 hours in front of my computer!!! No wonder my own garden is a mess.

Fall Resolution: Get off my bum and get out in my garden, visit with Dave in the evening!

Brimfield, MA(Zone 5a)

I found it by mistake when googling a question on gardening. When I first got on this site, I subscribed within less than 10 minutes of checking the site out because I was so psyched to see how much info on gardening was here. Then, through the following weeks, I learned how much EVEN more was in here than I could have ever imagined. I made great friends and have favorite forums, I love Everything and I am on here several times a day when I am at home. Dave's for me, has been a savior for me because I have so many questions and I love gardening so much and I can find out pretty much everything in here. I also feel safe buying on line with vendors because Watchdog is so helpful and I tend to buy on line once a month of so and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Dave I LOVE YOU FOR THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!

Edited for spelling error.

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Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Google. I kept googling various plants that I wanted to grow or wanted to find a place to buy and I kept ending up on Dave's Garden. Finally I started going to it on purpose. Then I wanted to add coments and enter some of the discussions so I subscribed. It was a slippery slope but I flew down it going "wheeeee!".

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Googling plants for Identification.

Saint Ignace, MI(Zone 5a)

Master Gardeners Course - During the section on flower gardening the forum was mentioned as a good source for getting references on mail order flower/bulb companies. What a find this forum has been!

(Zone 9a)

I was searching a plant on Lowe's database and found it in plantfiles. At first, I thought DG was part of Lowe's. I continued using the plantfiles, but could search only ten plants a day for me, so I subscribed.

Menasha, WI(Zone 5a)

I was checking to see if I got it right .

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

So long ago, you think I actually remember? I am supposing that I found DG on yahoo! I had been an occational lurker at "that other place", but was looking for a home. I found it. It has been wonderful to see how DG has grown over the years but has been able to keep it's wonderful, friendly atmosphere. And now, Bug Files, too! Dave and all the other admins have done an excellent job at making sure that DG both grows, changes and stays the same :-) The people who choose to hang out here seem to be of superior quality and large of heart. Thank you, thank you, everyone!

Ferndale, AR(Zone 7b)

I believe it was a link, but could have been Google. It doesn't matter....I'm here and glad of it! The only negative I've found about DG is it's addictive qualities. I spend way too much time here. Is there a DG Anonymous?


Clawson, MI(Zone 6a)

Found DG through a happy accident while searching for something...I don't remeber what. Now all my gardening searches start here.

Oak Hill, OH(Zone 6a)

Like most I googled then was agog! Gardening Nirvana. I'm a re-beginner and now feel like this site has almost made it a gar- aaan - teee that I'll get it right. Everyone is so helpful. At first I was afraid that I' feel like a high school freshman at a grad school symposium.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

The fellow who owns a local nursery, and for whom I grow several hostas, told me about Garden Watchdog. From reading GW it just naturally progressed into joining DG.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Lis and KathyJo told me to get my butt over here! I hemmed and hawed for a couple of months, popping in and out and in the dead of winter succumbed to all the good people here. I think there were two forums back then!

Cochise, AZ(Zone 8b)

I have no idea!

Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

I was goggling for information about reviews for different plant vendors when I came across DG site. I joined within hours. I am extremely pleased with it as my main source of plant information now. It is my primary tool (aside from my trowel and shovel) for my garden. I also have truly enjoyed the huge wealth of shared knowledge by all the members. I love having the co-ops (even when a couple have gone south) and being able to keep an accurate record of my garden in my journal is beyond my expectations. I lost, due to water damage, all my hand written garden records of over 20 years before joining, so having the journal on line is a tremendous asset for me. ( I need to check on how I can back this up for my own piece of mind) Being able to keep photo records of my plants is also a giant plus. I think it is a perfect combination of a social interchange between gardeners and an invaluable tool for record keeping. Every morning when I go online my DH says enthusiastically, "So, how is Dave this morning"? THANK YOU. (caps allowed when shouting from the roof tops!!!) Patti

Tampa, FL

Was bored and cruising around various plant sites and found this..only a month or so new..but already have had a successful trade! Found a past friend and said Howdy to! Enjoyed much conversation for about everything under the sun. Laughed alot at some wonderfully humourous posts! Made so many id's for various plants...went on fabulous garden tours....enjoyed giving info. and getting info. Sat in awe of some of the pictures members post! Learned so much...and look forward to much more! Thanks, Dave. A wonderful online website for so many subjects! sue

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Found this when a friend and fellow gardener recommended it to me. I came, never left, and have no intention of leaving. I am having way too much fun!!!

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

was looking for info on a planting medium and pulled up a thread on DG about it. Went back later and was curious to read more. started noticing hits that brought up DG.. went.. trial subscription.. found the brug forum and it was allll over

Questa, NM(Zone 5b)

I don't remember exactly, but I think it was through a link at another website. Once I found Dave's, my life was complete. LOL

Edit: Oh yes! That was it. I reached Dave's through Logee's, I think. The Garden Watchdog was my entry to this wonderful site.


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St. John's, NL(Zone 5b)

Thnak goodness that when you Google a plant, DG is among the first hits. That's how I discovered DG and its been a regular part of my life ever since. How could an avid gardener not be a member?!

Lindsay, OK(Zone 7a)

looking for info on TyTy and found the Watchdog... that was it got hooked and stayed

Wake Forest, NC

I was looking at other garden web sites on the internet and stumbled across DG.

DG is the Rolls Royce of the whole garden website crop.

There's DG and then everyone else.

It's so much easier to start a thread, follow other threads, post pics, get info, the whole nine yards. I could go on and on.

Thanks, Dave, for a wonderful experience.


Humansville, MO(Zone 6a)

I was over at the other place and kept hearing about this place called daves garden so i took a look never left
this was mar 22 2001
eddit to put date i join in
Dave 719

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Westchester, IL(Zone 5b)

I found DG from a link in Wikipedia. Was trying to figure out if scientific names (for animals, as well as plants) are in Greek or Latin. (Turns out it's both!) After reading the article about binomial nomenclature, there was a link to the Botanary. Clicked on it, loved it, explored the site, and joined in a few days. I was aggravated non-members only got 10 searches in the PlantFiles a day, so I had to join, hehe. Oh yeah, and I also got iris borers for the first time ever this year and needed to join to use the forums and find out how to get rid of these buggers!

(Edited to put the last sentence, heh.)


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Huntington, WV(Zone 6a)

I said "other" simply because I can't remember! I'm just glad I'm here.

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

ROTFLOL @ bigcityal!!

I found DG through searching for plant info and PlantFiles great info coming up. I also heard about DG on other sites. I tried DG for 2 months...let my subscription go, and missed it so much! I signed back up and make sure I pay my membership before it's due now. =^)

Paris, TN(Zone 6b)

Started a vegetable garden in sand on the beach down in Florida while taking care of a daughter. Googled to come up with some help on onions - found this place and fell in love. Subscribed the first week I was here when I saw the reasonable price. DG is the place I spend the most time online these days (unless seed catalogs count...LOL!) The information caught me, and people around here have made it immensely pleasurable to begin (and end!) each day here. I learn more every day - and now have plants I didn't even know existed six months ago (and a serious seed addiction).

Great service, great people, happy to be here. Thanks to all of the people who make it work!!

(there are DG coffee mugs????)

Glad I found Dave's!


Thumbnail by Hineni
Tellico Plains, TN(Zone 7b)

Other.................. I was looking for seeds online , found a link to DG and now you know the rest of the story ;))

Edmonds, WA

I googled. I was looking for a plant and found a garden. I was signed up in ten minutes and I visit this site pretty much daily. I enjoy the sense of comunity you have developed here. This site is exactly the kind of thing I've always wanted to find. Thanks for providing it. Peaty

East Lansing, MI(Zone 5a)

A few years ago I received a garden catalog from Select Seed. On the cover it mentioned that Select Seed was one of Watchdog's twenty best mailorder companies . This was the first time I had ever heard of "Watchdog" . I was curious to find out all I could about Watchdog . Was it a scam . I don't enjoy spending my hard earned money on just any magazine or just any plant ... I prefer to get information straight .

Piqua, OH(Zone 6a)

My DD, Salmonme told me about DG. Have been hooked for almost 2 years. Wonderful site full of wonderful people. So glad Jacci told me about DG.

Citra, FL(Zone 9a)

Searched for plant info, landed in DG, subscribed that day.

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

Googled my way over doing research, then thought I'd explore the site. When I did a search, all the threads I wanted to read were only open to of course I signed up!

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