Spring City, TN(Zone 7b)

Oooooouch, durnit, blankety-blank, my hand is on fire. I've never been stung before, but I was digging some cannas and reached under to brush the leaves back so I could get my fork down next to the base of the clump and I thought I had raked my hand across something sharp like a knife edge. It's on FIRE. How could Ihave never been stung before? God, it HURTS. I saw it then, I guess a wasp. I've got acid in my hand moving up my arm. Took 2 bendryl right off but OUCH! this hurts. Geez, I know I'm whining but ARGH this hurts. And icing it makes it hurt worse!

Philadelphia, MS(Zone 7b)

Get some meat tenderizer on it quickly! or wet chewing tobacco! Same thing happened to my Mom last week. She said the pain finally moved up her arm and even made her elbow hurt. She didn't have meat tenderizer or tobacco or anything else in her house except benydryl. That helps but it doesn't draw out the poison. Make sure the stinker is out (don't use twizzers or your fingers - that only pushes more poison in) scarpe a dull knife or some other object across it to kind of scrape the stinger out. It must have been a red wasp. I've been stung on my hand by one once and hope never to experience that again! Hope it gets better soon.

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Sorry I wasn't online sooner!!! If you haven't used anything yet, wet the area and salt it down. It will make the pain stop almost immediately and will draw out the poison.

You definitely have my sympathy!!


Toone, TN(Zone 7a)

owwwww......no fun at all.

If you don't have meat tenderizer, you can also mix baking soda and water and aply, or even salt. I've also had success using vinegar on a cotton ball.

Hope you feel better soon. If you don't feel better in 12 hours see a doctor for antibiotics.


Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)


I use vinegar for burns, even if it's on my tongue because I taste tested something that was way to hot, when I'm cooking.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

For some reason, red wasps love to nest in cannas. I've stirred them up many times. I have lots of cannas so I have to be extra careful when digging them. I usually batt them with a long handle to see if wasps come flying out.

I've also found them nesting in shrubs and even potted plants. What can we use to cut down on the quantity of these pests? Some of them don't even need to be provoked. I simply walked out my door one day and a kami kazi wasp flew into my face and stung me on the cheek, about an inch under my eye. My face swelled up like a blow fish.

I'll have to remember the home remedies y'all mentioned.

WM, I'm sorry you got stung. I hope you're feeling better by now. Did the wasps nest in your cannas or was it a lone ranger?

SE Arky, United States(Zone 8a)

Take 2 or three 25mg benadryl (only) caps, and follow with a canned Coke, I used Lime Coke, over ice. Cracked ice in a wet towel is good to move around on the stung area. Lay down and elevate your feet and try to sleep it off. You will feel better when you wake up...wasps and hornets are really bad this year...

Spring City, TN(Zone 7b)

Thanks all. I took 2 bendryl and it was like someone turned the lights out. I woke up 3 hours later and the hands doesn't hurt. I know I was being a cry baby, thanks for the comfort

Oh, and it was a lone ranger as far as I can tell. Never saw one before or since. it was BLACK, the fleeting glimpse I got, but dang. THANKS for the tip on whapping the cannas with a shovel handle, had I done that, I would have seen him. He was UNDER a leaf, so when I pushed the leaves back like an innocent WHAM!

I have vinegar on hand, didn't think to use it for a sting. It is the ONLY relief I can get from a sunburn. Kills the burn instantly. Also, in 2005 we had a brush fire that got into the kennels -- what a nightmare that was -- and I ended up with burns on my face and hands. The vinegar killed the pain of that as well. It doesn't last forever, but I would have done anything to not hurt in the face.

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Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Welcome to DG and the Mid-South Gardenin Forum. So glad to find you are another of us who "has gone to the dogs".

You have a wonderful website. http://www.wayeh.com/


Spring City, TN(Zone 7b)

Thanks, the dogs rule my life. Gardening is a way for me to take frustrations out, and incidentally keep the ground from eroding away, as well as lets me step back and say..... wow, I did that... and grin.

SE Arky, United States(Zone 8a)

What zone and what kinda dogs?? I'm a zonie and I breed Goldens...

SE Arky, United States(Zone 8a)

Duh, Malamutes. Sorry about that, I really am, just didn't read your DG name, I'm bad about that. We handled a few Malamutes for a pal. Actually, I kept the ones not going in and handed them off to my partner...

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