Welcome to the new Australian Gardening forum

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

A hearty welcome to all our friends from "down under" - we hope you enjoy this new forum where you don't have to constantly convert time zones and seasons!

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Hey Ya'll, proud to see you have a forum!!!

FYI There are 1998 DG members who live in Australia but only 25 are subscribers.

When the Mid-South Gardening Forum was created I sent emails to all the subscribers who lived in the heart of region advising them that the forum had been created. I open a thread entitled "getting to know you" which has had many postings and resulting in friendly feelings. Later we decided to have a "RoundUp In Tupelo MS" so I sent out emails to people within driving distance. It was so successful we decided to "do it again this Fall" so more dmails but this time to everyone within driving distance regardless of if they were a member or subscriber. Then we decided to have a Plant Swap in central AR and another person sent out dmails to people within driving distance.

We've made many friends by posting on the threads and several members have become subscribers but it took a couple of us really working hard to get the word out.

To find out who the members are that live in Australia, go to the MemberList tab at the top of the "home screen", click, then scroll down, click on Australia and you will find the list.

Again, I'm glad you have a forum for Australia and that it is very successful!!


Royalla, Australia

Thankyou so very much for the forum, it's going to be a little ripper.


Outer Hobart, Australia(Zone 6a)

Yes, thanks DG for the forum space.
i love communicating about gardens , and trading plant material,
lets all us folks contribute, and make this forum a winner.
Arte, Gosford NSW.

here's a view from Rumbalara Reserve, of Gosford waterways.

Thumbnail by bloomoon
Talbot, Australia

Hi All. Thanks Terry for this forum. It's a great idea for all us Aussie's to be able to share you ideas, views etc and not have to translate or find a translation!!! LOL

Bloom: Love the pic and the view. Is that from your place or somewhere near you?? :-) Lee

Outer Hobart, Australia(Zone 6a)

Hi lee,
that pic is taken in a local reserve
the hill tops round here being undeveloped,
which is great, as one can, with just a short drive,
be amongst the natural bushland.
Gossy is just teeming with beauty this time of year.
i am getting lots of different birds visiting the garden,
and i had a blue tongue lizard visit too.
lots of flowers opening up..
love it.

Talbot, Australia

Sorry Bloom but been busy doing family stuff. Thought there would be more hits on this thread. Where are all the other Aussie's. Gardening I hope - or maybe they just haven't found this thread yet. Never mind - their the ones that will be missing out.
I wish that we had the same sites here as you have. It's all dry and flat in Talbot although the buildings are just beautiful. Perhaps I could take some pics of them and show them off. I'll see what I can do!!! :-) Lee

sydney, Australia

Hi there, thanks for giving us Aussies a place to go for some gardening fun. I truly enjoy the yard but I don't have much of a garden as you can see. My birdy friends just rip up everything I plant. So all my garden in on the patio and the rest of the yard is the wildlife playground.

We live in the Sydney west at the Blue Mountains, do lots of travelling and enjoy fishing.

Here is a photo of the corellas and lorekettes enjoy their morning feed.


Thumbnail by jay92
townsville, Australia

Hi everyone,
This is a great forum, I have only been visiting a short time but have already learnt a few new tips from fellow gardeners and truly appreciate the advise I have received.
Hi Jay92, I am also from the blue mountains, now live in Townsville.
Hi leelovespigs,
we are here, or at least I am, though I havn't been gardening I have been camping and have just got home with the fam from lake Paluma, this is where we go when we miss the cool weather of the blue mountains, we get to dust off the beanies and sit around a roaring fire instead of an overworked air-con. Hope this forum continues to thrive the advise from others is very much appreciated by novices like me.

brisbane, Australia

g'day janine,

those 2 birds are 2 of the worst possible birds you can attract to your yard, they are vandals and would not be there but for the drought, my advice is somehow now try and dissuade them, before you bring the ire of your neihgbours upon you.

if they get bored enought they will ruin the insulators on tv antennas and chew power wires through.

there are other birds that should be in your backyard.



sydney, Australia

Hi Trop & Len,

I know the gallahs & corellas are shockers at ripping things up, but I only started to feed them in the backyard because my neighbour was throwing bread for them out the front. And as we live on a fairly busy street with a bus run I was worried that they would be all killed. At the moment noone seems to mind even though they come in and start making a racket at 6am. I always think any of Gods creatures need a hand sometimes hopefully they will head back out west when the drought is over.

The wild life ranger said there were quite a few people in our area feeding them.

will look at your web site because we get heaps of frogs at home too, they often find their way into our sunroom. That can be a bit of a shock when you are watching TV and a cold set of froggy feet jump on your legs. LOL

Hervey Bay - Qld., Australia

Hi all ... I've just joined te group today. I live in Hervey Bay & have a reasobably sized suburban block of land, Hopefully, the landscaping will begin very soon. I found this site while looking for fragrant flowering shrubs. This is a great little site .. & even better to discover an Aussie forum.

North Ipswich, Qld, Australia

Hi Everyone,
I am in South=East Qld. Great to find this site.

Thumbnail by Degarotty
Sydney, Australia

Well hi there Degarotty....this is a great site go through all the posts and get to know us...wonderful pictures and gardeners here...

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE - OY OY OY!! Just chiming in to say hey from Adelaide! Love the DG sight and especially love talking to other Southern Hemisphere gardeners for advice and encouragement! Looking foward to spring planting!!

Bendigo, Australia

Hi all ! a lovely day here today, makes you think that Spring is not too far away.
we are Central Vic.and looking forward to a better garden this coming season after so much died off during the drought. Lois

Gunnedah NSW, Australia

Hi everyone. So glad I found this site! Just wondering if there is a place for aussies to swap plants,cuttings,seeds etc? Or do you have to be a paying member?

Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

Hi There Katrina,
Glad to have another Aussie on the forum. I've done a few trades through DG, it is pretty painless but I can't remember whether I started before or after I became a paying member. The trial membership is pretty good ($5 US for two months) - I originally went to paid because I kept running out of free searches in the plant files LOL! I find the trading pages and other features really useful, but then I've got an awful lot of plants to keep track of! There is a member on here called "2manyplants" - I'd have stolen that name if I had gotten to it first. Let us know what you are looking for, and what you have to offer and I'm sure we can help you out. Kaelkitty.

Edited for spelling!

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Sydney, Australia

Hi all yes the jasmine is going for it's life ...it's Spring promise wafting around the place...after a difficult few months....drought ..flood then freeze....boy are we ready for it ....So bring it on!

sydney, Australia

hi jenny from the blue mountains here.. horticulturist and dip. student currently studying..
i will try to pop in from time to time ..warm regards to all those native nuts...:)

Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

Hi Jen,

It would be great to have someone to talk natives to. It doesn't seem to be that popular of a topic in this forum. I'm relatively new to Aussie natives (being a US ex-pat) and have one bed devoted to them but would love some advice and chat about them and their increasing popularity. Hope to hear from you often! Welcome!

Bendigo, Australia

Hi this is Glenys from Bendigo. I have only just started to use the forum only to find out I was growing noxious weeds from seed!!! Oh my god, imagine my discust when I found that out, thanks to brical1. I really did like the look of the plant though. Anyway, I am a Chrysanthemum nut. I have 30 varieties at the moment and always looking out for new ones. Although I did toss out a few varieties last year because they were just no good for bunches and so I am looking out for some pure white varieties. Thats what people want, the traditional white Chrysanthemums for Mother's Day. I started off with 5 different plants 7 years ago and as of May last year had over 400. But I lost a LOT and got rid of a few varieties and so now I am down to 200 palnts and 30 varieties. I am self taught. I had no idea what I was doing, found an old book and it started from there. So, if there is anyone out there that has, or knows someone that has Chrysies that I can get some pure white cuttings from in August, I would be very hrateful if they could contact me. Hope the weather is treating you fine wherever you may be today, it's absolutely beautiful in Bendigo today. Cheers GG

Thumbnail by chrysies
Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

Hi Glenys,
I LOVE green flowered plants, but chrysanthemums tend to die out on me. The local florists have had a lot of the little green multi headed button type lately, but I haven't seen a plant for sale yet and my budget doesn't allow for buying $10 bunches of flowers! Especially given that I would much rather have a plant anyway. Do you remember the green flowered zinnias that were all the rage back about 29 years ago? I haven't seen them for a long time. Now there is a company in the USA who sells green Ranunculus varieties - I can't wait until they hit Australia!


Bendigo, Australia

Hi KK, I only just found your reply to my post (2 months later, sorry). I tend to check for messages now and not go into anything else unless I am looking for anything in particular. I too love the green flowers. I did have other varieties in the green, but now only have the pompone. I have always had success with them and have given them to people that really love them too. I don't remember green Zinnias though. I suppose back 29 years ago I was only 13 !! Wasn't taking too much notice of plants back then, more like trying to survive a childhood with 4 brothers!! Great to hear from someone else that likes the green. Hope the weather has been kind to you today, we had a shocker with the wind and hail. I suppose you got that before we did. Till next time. Cheers chrysies.

Thumbnail by chrysies
Alstonville, Australia

Hi all what a great site, I love it. It is cold here in Coffs Harbour today, yesterday you would think summer was on it's way, can't predict it these days. Cheers hel

Thumbnail by hel
Fraser Coast, Australia

Thanks for our very own forum - I agree so much better than having to convert seasons etc. Nothing against other countries but this makes it better for my stiff brain as well as knees, lol. It is lovely here at present, although the weather is unpredictable, 33 ēc on Sunday down to 23ēc the next few days. The plants are loving the warmth and the native orchids are rewarding me with buds and blooms.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

hi,c'mon cram the forum........i'd like to make a bold statement......LILIUMS ARE THE BEST AND NICEST LOOKING PLANT IN THE GARDEN..........if you disagree,sorry.............i grow them,i love them[about 2000 all up]...........i also have 60 varied daffodils,to be socially competitive at the spring shows[so what]theyre not as good as the lilies........in my spare time,i go to work,or drink beer.luv it here in tassie,even if it has rained non stop for 5 months.i think the lilies liked that part

Sydney, Australia

Ha ha ha you like to stir it up there gee_whizz ...I love my Brugmansias best (at the moment) aka Angels Trumpets. That does not mean I don't also love other plants as specially fragrant ones.
There are the Brom mob ...with Sue leading the charge ...
Jean the Iris/Eppie/soon to be Victorias Brug queen ...
the Cordyline lovers ...
oh heck they are all here so welcome ...we love a passionate gardener!
Look through the threads and get aquainted with the lovely folk here.
Tassie is a wonderful place ...whats a bit of water twixt we Aussies? ^_^

Thumbnail by chrissy100
rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

its o/k chrissie,i found it itsamazing,the competitive spirit here in the summer lilium shows,especially in the species section.men of all ages form the 'in' clan.its not until you beat them,you become a clansman..i tried last year,needless to say,im still an outie-a lone wolf,attacking slowly from the outside.quality ,rarity and size is unbelievable,many members have strong bonds with the nth american lily society.im sure i can sway some forum feeders towards liliums,as they certainly are the best plant.shows in sth tassie are around the 2nd week in jan.if you are planning a visit,dmail me and i'll give you a full rundown.........anthony

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