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september 14

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Everybody must be busy with harvest - Farm Forum slipped to the bottom of my Home Page! It's raining here, has been for three days now. It's holding up the corn silage harvest here, and I know some farmers that are getting a bit antsy. Stan doesn't do corn, but he does have some hay he'd like to get in. It starts to look as if that might not happen, the fields are just too wet and we will survive quite nicely without it. Better not to rut up the fields at this point.

I've been digging out one potato plant at a time. Not a big haul, usually enough for a meal and lots of little ones waiting for me to be patient enough to deal with them. I'm thinking a good scrub, boiling water and lots of butter. Maybe I'll just stick them in with a roast.

I've also got tomatoes to pick. I got a couple of Rutgers the other day, One next to these two had been half eaten by either slugs or rodents. I left it, hoping they would finish it rather than start on another. There are lots of little Tip Tops and Thai Pink Egg tomatoes out there, just need some dry weather to get to them. My cucumber plants all died., but there are still pickles in the basement, so I'm not too worried.

We're off to get haircuts and do shopping after breakfast. At least we won't be blowing a good day!

I'm including a picture of Susie, one of the two pups we have left. I'm not sure what we're going to do with FIVE Border Collies, but it looks like Susie and Smudge have made themselves right at home!

Thumbnail by Kathleen
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