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DHC skin care?

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

Has anyone tried DHC skin care products? I received a catalog in the mail with some samples, the samples were good but the cost of the products is pretty high, just thought I would check if there are any big fans out there...

I have very sensitive skin, to quote a skin care specialist, it's "very dry for oily skin" and I'm 45. I'm LOW maintenance but Always looking for that miracle....


Pittsburgh, PA(Zone 5b)

I used to use it, but I've switched to some products from my local salon - its pretty good stuff but I'm not sure its worth the price.

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

Thanks for the info- I thought the price was pretty darn high, too, and although I love to try new stuff I would rather spend the bbig $$$$$$$$$$$ on plants......

Guilford, CT(Zone 7a)

I do like their facial scrub, skin toner & olive oil cleanser. I would buy more of their products, if they did not use toxins like parabens. Once they srat to send smaples in the mail, you will ge them for life! I finally called to remove my name from their mailing list.

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8b)

Thanks, Julie
I guess since I only received the one catalog and never responded I'm not in danger yet. Good thing, I already spent my mad money on plants................

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