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Searching for Fords from Beatrice, NE 1880's

South West, LA(Zone 9a)

Im helping my mother with her project I have no understanding of genealogy so any help is welcome.

Clay Center, KS(Zone 5b)
Not sure why I can't get this to copy and paste as a link, but do the copy and paste to your browser, it's a great site for Gage County (Beatrice is the county seat) There is a fairly comprehensive list of cemeteries and the burials, as well as other great info. Wish you well in your search.

Clay Center, KS(Zone 5b)

well, sorry it did post as a hyperlink! If you have any other family names from that area let me know, perhaps I can help. We came from the next county to the west (Jefferson County) and DH family were deeply rooted in Gage County

Audubon, PA(Zone 6b)

You MUST be aware of the year WHEN your county was formed. Older records MAY be in the "parent county".


Herndon, VA

You do know that you are looking for your Ford family who lived in Nebraska during the 1880s.

The 1880 census is indexed only for families with children who were ten years or younger that year.

A Department of Commerce fire destroyed the 1890 census in 1921.

If you are interested in having a search of the 1890 census done please send me an email privately at [email protected] .

Until then, please read my journal.

Shannon Bridget Murphy

South West, LA(Zone 9a)

Thank you all for giving me a direction to start! This is really some confusing stuff!!!

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