australian natives

newcastle, Australia

I live in newcastle nsw. Bought a tree from local nursery. Tree is xanthostemon chrysanthus (expo gold)-originated rainforest northern queensland. Planted in sunny sheltered spot. Mixed cow manure into soil before planting-live across road from beach-sandy soil.
Deep watering every 2nd day. I think tree is dying-leaves going brown/black & curling What have i done wrong? Probably doesnt like cow manure-will replantig stress tree too much?

Brisbane, Australia

Hello N, I understand most natives like low phosphorus soils, so I would say the cow manure is the problem. If it's not too far gone replant it in new soil (searles do native plant mix) and give it a fertilize with yates fish and kelp. Also make sure the spot is well drained. I hope it survives, all the best Roy.

brisbane, Australia

g'day n593,

yes will also suggest the manure, not to say yu shouldn't ahve used manure but not in the way you applied it maybe. if you have clay soils would have suggested a good dose of gypsum, then back fill and apply any manure or mulch nutrients aver the root zone out just beyond the drip line. with natives if they find the nutrient they do better. and lots of hay mulch will droughtproof it while it settles in. with natives some of course will object to any ammending.


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