help! my plant is dying

kingston, Canada

hi everyone. i have a big plant (i don't know what kind). and it's dying. today i looked in the soil and there are these little grey things that look like pebbles. but they're not pebbles because i popped one, and it was full of puss. i'm guessing this is what's killing my plant.

anyhow, it's making me sad because i like this plant a lot.

any ideas?

thanks a lot. t

Thumbnail by tawnyuh
NE, KS(Zone 5b)

Tawnyuh, is it a tree? Are there leaves? What shape/color? Does it flower? Can you snap a pic of the entire plant? Is it in the ground or in the pot?

Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

it looks like a yucca or dracaena and those pellets look like spent potting soil fertilizer to me. I am willing to bet that your plant is getting to much water - let it dry out between waterings

Columbia, MO(Zone 5b)

I agree with capt_insano....... looks like a draceana to me. That is definately fertilizer. I remember when I first saw them thinking it was bug eggs and spending a LOT of time picking them out before taking the plant back to the plant center where I had purchased it.......... it took a while for the guy to catch his breath from laughing at me before he could explain what those little round things were.........

As far as the rotting out goes, when I kept houseplants I had them to that too. What worked for me was to take the healthy part out and repot in new potting soil. There may be some kind of pathogen going in the wet soil.

rural Hughesville, MO(Zone 5b)

Adding to pot, I always drench my houseplants twice a year with soapy water to keep the pests away - seems to work.

Fulton, MO

I'll throw out another thought...I wonder if there aren't salt deposits on the trunks from hard or untreated water. In this case it could be salt toxicity and it may be helpful to flush the soil. SB

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