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jasmine aka night jasmine

brisbane, Australia

g'day all,

just stumbled on this site whilst looking for planting information for the night jasmine. anyone got any specific outside planting tips part from it will get good sun mostly arvo' stuff. we have clay fill soil called acid sulphate fill.

so far not having any problems growing things. but all and any help appreciated.

saw a couple of familiar names so far maybe somewhere new for me to hang me hat at times?


Townsville, Australia(Zone 10a)

Hi gardenlen.

You pretty much got it covered with the sun/shade. Maybe a bit off sugarcane mulch around the base so it doesnt get waterlogged.

i love this jasmine.

brisbane, Australia

g'day annette68,

thanks for that guess that's me next job.


Townsville, Australia(Zone 10a)

No Probs:)


Laurieton NSW, Australia

Hi gardenien, I have just removed my night flowering Jasmin after about 3 years it got completely out of hand spreading and taking over one corner of my garden I did prune and cut back regally so keep an eye on the growth and you will need to prune, if you have planted in a smaller area other wise the smell from the flowers at night were just amazing

brisbane, Australia

g'day bigwig,

it has a bit of room, but me darling wanted it and it was given to her by my sister inlaw, i do have a rather sharp s/s machette though so whipping into shape can occur lol.

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