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Valley Village, CA

I have seen several Cooking Webstites and they list all the different topics. Some pertain to cooking, some to Greetings and Birthdays, some to Off Topics And Jokes, some to various sweets etc.

Could you please help me out here - I would really appreciate.

Jill and Jolie

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

Not sure what you are both referring to....could you post one or two cooking websites with all the titles you are talking about?

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

If you are asking whether there are other forums on this site, yes there are. Almost 200 I think.

The other cooking sites you frequent have other forums for topics not pertaining to cooking. That's what you are saying?

This cooking forum we are on now if one of the "other" forums on a gardening site.

I'm not sure how you got here, but I assume it was through a google search? Have you explored the rest of the site?

Macon, GA

I love these!Bobby Flay, John Folse, Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali and Rick Bayless. Just type in any and go to recipes, its pretty simple. That gives you mexican, italian, southwestern, cajun and classic with a cajun twist! Marvin

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Okay, I gotta try to match those up, but I'm sure I'll get them wrong.

Bobby Flay = Southwestern
JOhn Folse = Mexican
Emeril Lagasse = Cajun
Mario Batali - Italian
Rick Bayless Classic with a cajun twist

Did I get any of them right?

Macon, GA

Try those guys, you got them a little mixed up but you will figure it out. We love all those. We just happen to enjoy the cajun, we love the flavors. But we always cut the cayenne in half! Marvin

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