Corkscrew Vine Seed Pods

Waco, TX(Zone 8b)

Does anyone know how long does it take for the seed pods to ripen? Also how long does the se pods get? I have some right now about 5 or more inches long.


San Antonio, TX

My vigna only gave me one pod this year and the seeds were much smaller than the original seeds I had purchased and grown. I was surprised that I got a pod at all it being the first year. I didnt get as many flowers as I had expected but did get some so I guess that was in my favor. Im hoping the plants will return and we'll have a better year next year. Enclosing pic w/ the pod in the upper left. Hope u can see it.

Thumbnail by Anaid
Stockton, CA(Zone 9a)

I always have to pick my pods green because they are not ripe by the time the first frost is forecast. I bring them inside and put them in a paper sack and just move them around occasionally so they don't get moldy and they will dry out and turn brown. I know with some people the pods will burst on their own but mine never do, probably because we don't heat our house in the winter so more moisture in the air. One thing about the size, I have planted those little seeds that I thought were duds and they did germinate, so give them a try. :~)

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