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I have spent countless hours on the internet searching for info on my ancestors, all-to no avail but I guess, if I succeed, I can keep posting information about my relatives on various forums in the hopes that relevant people might get interested. I have an infinite number of relatives and descriving hundreds of them here in one message would be a grave injustice. Hence I want to start out with one message and see how it goes. I don't know whether modern descendants of a certain woman, whom I am researching, exist, and if yes-whether they are even still in Chicago but I would like to give here a little bit of information on the subject of my interest. We have a relative, my great-grandmother's sister, Dora Slavina (this is her maiden last name) who relocated to Chicago from Belorus, probably around 1920, possibly with her husband, maybe from Rechytsa because that's where my great-grandmother, Sophia was born and raised. In my understanding Dora and her family lived in Chicago for decades after relocating there, were even corresponding with some of their relatives in the former Soviet Union-Sophya and one of her two daughters, Haya.

Dora's daughter got married in Chicago in 1957, and Haya's sister, Hannah, is my mother's mother but we were never enlightened on the content of the letters sent by Dora and her family to Sophya and Haya (that is even if Hannah knew what was written there), and we have no idea what Dora's married last name was or what her life in Chicago was like. Another thing is that another sister of Dora (there were four in total), Gnelya was killed during the occupation in Belorus, and we have been trying to find out under what circumstances, again unsuccessfully. Yad Vashem in Israel has no information on that woman even though they have received photos and bios of numerous Holocaust victims from those people's relatives, and I certainly would not mind to submit such data about Gnelya to them myself if I had one. If you know anything about this family, please email me at [email protected] Thank you.

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What was Dora's daughter's first (given) name (the one that got married in Chicago in 1957)?
Do you know when she was born (approximately)?

Do you know when Dora was born (approximately)?

I'm glad to try to help.


Tarpon Springs, FL(Zone 9b)

Also, what is Hannah's married surname?

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