bromeliad-blanchetiana ?

townsville, Australia

can anybody identify this brom for us ?

Thumbnail by boofhead
townsville, Australia

Hi Boofhead,
I can't help you with your brom but a warm hello from a fellow townsvillian.
Good luck with your search.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi bh, It looks possibly like an Acemea variety, you'll know better once it flowers. You could try posting it on the bromeliad forum.


townsville, Australia

g'day tropical3 and roybe, have found out it is an alcantarea imperialis with a few people after pups. also found out how big it grows, up to 5m tall. takes about 10 years to flower so we will be waiting a while. catcha.

Sarasota, FL


I think your brom is truly an androlepis skinneri. Looks similar to an alcantarea, but there are differences also. Please google it. I have both types of specimens in FL. Grows large also, and can tolerate quite a bit of sun. The more sun, the more pink/wine color the leaves acquire.


Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi Boofhead2, I think this pic is the same Bromeliad as yours. It is in a planting outsideof a wholesale nursery that specialises in Broms. As you can see the one on the left has flowered and died, so its not always a desirable thing to see it bloom!

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Sydney, Australia

Whatever it is is very nice!

Queensland, Australia

Hi Boofhead,
this reply will be a bit late and not sure you'll even see it, but this looks exactly like my Werauhia sanguinolenta. Mine is the rubra, and is looking a bit more like yours at present as it's getting too much sun, if it is a Werauhia sanguinolenta rubra, they like the shade. The more shade they get the darker the foliage, towards almost black.

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