3D mosaic

Beaumont, TX

I need some help. I've done mosaic before but I had no idea what I was doing. It was a desperation project in a section of the floor where the ceramic tile would not stay put. The tile floor is on no wonderboard (there was no such thing when it was done) and we were warned not to do it on this house which is on piers and moves. We did it anyway and then the tile started to come undone and crack only in one place right in front of the sink. So I dug those up and used mastic under pieces I broke up with a hammer that I had scrounged from different tile stores. Mostly sample boards. It's been doing just fine for about ten years now. So I solved that problem. NOW I have gotten a wild hair. I want to do a mosaic on the columns in the front of the house that are just so plain jane. I started looking at different mosaics to get an idea of what might look good there then I stumbled across the coolest lizard that wraps around a column. I thought I might attempt such a thing but I'm not sure what would be used underneath him to make him 3D. I'd like to have one that wrapped around part of the pole so I see mainly him from the front then a leg and tail on the sides like he's hanging on. On the other column maybe an insect he's looking at.

Help me please.

Here's the floor.

Thumbnail by maidentheshade
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