Kishinev-born Ikhiel Revich

Birmingham, AL

I just reread my Chicago relatives' message, there is nothing there on Sonia Slavina, is there? Because I would like to make her husband the subject of my next message here (it is interesting how you equate growing of plants with raising of people, isn't it what the creators of this forum imply, maybe I'll take a look again at what they are doing hereagain). I might have mentioned in my previous message that Dora was one of three sisters of my mother's mother's mother, Sonia Slavina who married around 1918 Bessarabian-born Ikhiel Revich, opened up a restaurant with him in the center of Kishinev and bore him two daughters-Hannah and Haya. Ther term "Kishinev-born" Ikhiel Revich is supposed to be used pretty loosely here because that even though I know he lived here after marrying Sonia, I don't know for sure that
he was born there, maybe he was, with his sister Luba, the only sibling of his that we are aware off. I saw some Ikhiel and Liba Reviches in the section of Jewish births in Kishinev, Moldova. I can only hope it was they.

Ikhiel did father two daughters with Sonia one of whom Hannah was my mother's mother, born in Kishinev in 1919 and died there in 1990, from breast cancer. Hannah was enrolled by her parents in the most expensive gymnasium in Kishinev in 1920s -the French gymnasium when she became of appropriate age, the honor that her sister, Haya, did not share, not because Haya went to school, as I mistakenly thought, when her father died but because that family simply could not afford such expensive schooling for both children (think about families here sending all their children to Harvard, for instance, pretty incredible, isn't it?). Hannah received a French-oriented education in that gymnasium as opposed to Haya's Romanian-oriented in Kishinev's Romanian gymansium which means that both girls were proficient in Russian, Yidish (home languages), Romanian, French, and Haya-also in English.

The year 1932 or 1934 seems to be the year when Ikhiel passed away from a heart attack, undoubtedly at a pretty young age, he couldn't have been more than 38, 40 then. I think my mother told me he had been rheumatic, and carrying heavy loads of things (which I successfully, thank God, "tried" this summer, to my parents' horror, when we were moving) was definitely not for him, he virtually dropped dead or comlpetely dead after carrying heaving a heavy box of wine in his own restaurant from the basement upstairs.
Ikhiel was survived by his family and probably by his sister, Luba who also had two children, none of them procreating with their own kind though as opposed to Hannah and Haya (although Haya's son married a Shiksa): Luba's daughter married a Jew but was barren, and Luba's son went to the North, Siberia, whatever, to maek himself some money, and unsurprisingly, in that region virtually devoid of Jews, met a Russian woman (Nocella, this is for you), married her, and had, I think, three sons with her.

Anywho time to adjourn this chit- chat, if anyone knows anything about ancestors of Ikhiel and Luba Revich, please write to me at:

Gelena Bronshteyn,
313 Dulaine Cove,
Birmingham, Alabama 35210,
United States of America

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