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My Dear Friends,
Its a simple circuit (but its beyond my head!!! hehe!)
Please see the diagram (below):

Here through AB supply is given. C is a capacitor for charging and then discharging at the load end.
e-S/W is an electronic switch (I need the circuit for this switch) which when pressed, discharge the energy from the capacitor (just like a triggering action), but the electronic switch MUST NOT consume any power from the circuit, so that the amount of chraged energy equals the amount of discharging energy!

Requirement: (for this whole circuit)
1) about 10-20J energy;
2) Voltage ~ 200V;
3) Current ~ 5A.

I need to know the exact amount of energy charged to the capacitor and the exact amount of energy discharged at the load end.

I need your HELP, friends ! Can you suggest any electronic switch circuit for the above?

If u need any data may post here OR pm me.

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Can the electronic switch have it's own power supply? A sensitive triac would consume a very small amount of energy, but a mechanical switch would consume less. Good luck.
Remember, nothing is free in electronics.

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Is the switch circuit mechanical or solid state, because I use the circuit you have shown as an arc supression to extend life on my relays dry contacts. The arc from the load (5A is enough to pit them bad over time) is suppressed and/or absorbed by the capacitor.

Santa Fe, TX(Zone 9b)

I believe it is stated as an electronic switch. A mechanical switch would consume a very small amount of energy by virtue of contact resistance.

Irvine, PA

I guess we would need more information on the electronic switch as mentioned previous. Maybe you can get a manufacturer name and part number. We are not going on much information. But being a switching device of semi-conducting material we can assume a very very small load especially with the capacitor in the circuit. I have never seen one so I am hesitant to even try to calculate it until we knew more about the component.

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- CMOS - Capacitive Metal Oxide Semiconductor - very low drain, but very static sensitive. - Good luck!

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