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Birmingham, AL

The nightmare continues, after many months of searching info on my ancestors and one of our relatives who perished during Holocaust in Belorus, 0 results. I have been turned down for help by the archives in Minsk, Belorus and Yampol, Ukraine, I don't know exactly on what grounds in Yampol but the Minsk ones told me that they can't find nothing on the death of Gnelya Slavina. Well, I can keep posting stuff on these websites, it can't hurt, I keep receiving a flood of emails from professional researchers who are offering their help. I have already paid a couple of months ago- $100 to one of them in Kishinev, Moldova for investigating the lineage of my father's father, so let's see at first whether it's a hoax or not. He had promised me results by December 7th of 06. Well, what can I say? That researcher is researching ancestors of my father's father, Chaim Bronshteyn and Chaim's two sisters-Liza and Hannah (Bujor) all born probably around 1920, maybe all-in Beltsy, Moldova, at least Chaim was born there in 1915. During the war, like most of our relatives, Chaim fled to Uzbekistan where he met and married Ziseli Berishovna Golger, originally from Yampol, Ukraine, one of six children of a rabbi as I was told recently if that is true (it's the rabbi part that I am questioning, not the six children part). Ziseli and Chaim twin sons in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in 1944, during evacuation, Mark (my father) and Genadiy and a girl, Ludmila, in Kishinev, nine years later. All three children followed their parents' footsteps in the mathematical-type of fields and became engineers, all had families, of course, although both my father and his brother had only one child each while their sister bore a second offspring in may of 1987, 11 years after she brought her daughter into this world, the same year when I was born.

My father's family, with a few exceptions, relocated to the West in the early 1990s-to Israel and the United States, most of these people are from Zisel's side, not Chaim's, he had far fewer members in his family but a few of them (I don't know how many) still left for Israel in 1990s). To sum it up I am investigating ancestors of Chaim, wish could see photos of him in childhood and his ancestors, and if you have this information, please get back to me. You can also write to my father at:

Gelena Bronshteyn,
313 Dulaine Cove,
Birmingham, Alabama 35210,
United States of America

P. S. I and my mother arrived to Israel from Birmingham, Alabama a few days ago and have been staying in a Tel-Aviv Hotel Imperial, in room 206, but we soon have to go to Jerusalem and apply for aliya there, so in the absense of a permanent housing here for us in Israel, the best thing to do might be to write to my father in the United States if you have the answers and are willing to share. All the best, to us all.

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